Saturday, 31 January 2009

Di Hickman - January Sketch #4

This week Di has set quite a difficult sketch. Not one that came naturally to my creative mind I have to say. Nevertheless, not one to pass up a challenge, this is what I came up with...

All papers came from my scrap box (so determined to make a dent on this pile). The alpha stickers came from American Crafts.

BasicGrey Challenge 20

This is the card that I've made for this week's BasicGrey Challenge no. 20.

I've used their Boxer range and have tried to stick to the colour combination on the sketch.

Apologies for the picture quality, it's scanned due to poor daylight.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Etsy shop

Deanne is reopening her Etsy shop 'Quirky Boots' in a couple of days, but I've managed to get a link to let you see the gorgeous goodies that she'll be selling. Shh..... don't tell her that I've given you an early heads up, will you?! ;-)

It would be lovely if you could pop over and see what she has. All lovingly hand made too! Now, you can't ask better than that, can you...?

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I've been published again!

Only on the letters page like last time, but still..... I'm in a mag. Scrapbook Magazine to be precise. Unlike Scrapbook Inspirations where I knew my LO was going to be printed up, this came as a complete surprise to me when I got a text message from Steph who had received her subsciption copy in the post. I was on such a high until the episode with my dad brought me back down with a bump! My copy was waiting on the doormat for me to get home.

Issue 35, Page 11, titled 'Keep it Simple' . This is the layout that was published.

What a day!

Today has been a day and a half!!!

Firstly we had our dentist appointment at 4pm. Will and the kids for a check up and me for the results of my x-ray and absess that I got from 'eating' a stone!

Freya sat in the chair on her own without whinging or cringing. I was so proud of her when she opened up the biggest mouth I've ever seen to let him look at her teeth - my gorgeous 8 year old with perfectly healthy and clean teeth was given a clean bill of health.

Me next..... oh deep joy!!!! Freya was in the room with me so on came my 'brave mummy' persona (oh how well I hid my true feelings - I was shitting myself inside!!!!) He asked how the tooth was now and was pleased that I hadn't needed painkillers since Sunday and that I'd completed the course of the antibiotics (HE was pleased...?! I was bloody ecstatic!!!!!!!) The x-ray hasn't shown up a fracture in the tooth roots, very much to my absolute relief as that would have meant the tooth was coming straight out. The tooth has suffered some trauma as a result of the stone incident though. I will have to keep an eye on it as he can't tell what's going on under the crown as the x-rays can't penetrate through it. There is now a slight movement of the tooth in my jaw though. I have to go straight back if I get any more pain there for further investigation. I have so much confidence in my dentist as he is not one of those that you hear all the gory stories about that just drill, fill or pull for the sake of it. We're keeping our fingers crossed that all has now settled down. He even (very cheekily) asked if I will still eat muesli - after correcting him and telling him the correct cereal was actually Jordans Oat Crunch and not any old rabbit food muesli - I answered "Yeah! I love that for breakfast, I'll just make sure I eat it on the other side of my mouth!!" Especially for a while until I'm feeling brave again. I have yet to eat anything much on the left side of my mouth, and haven't been able to do so since I bit on the stone, as even now it's very sensitive to pressure but that will hopefully settle down again. My face will be getting all lop-sided soon if I'm not careful!!!!

Will next.... perfect bill of health (the git!!!)

Then Jacob..... hmmmm 13 year old boys and cleaning their teeth properly???.....errr I don't think so!!!! Thankfully the dentist told him exactly what I'd been telling him for ages, that he needs to clean them properly as he has a build up of plaque around his gum lines, especially on his bottom teeth (yes, he did 'clean' his teeth prior to his appointment, in the toilets of the dentist's surgery to be precise - my point was proven beyond doubt or question!!) Ha! 1-0 to mum!

The other news today... not so good.

Dad picks Freya up from school for us so that I can work full time as both him and mum are retired. It also means that they get to see their only grandaughter every day for an hour or so. They did the same for Jacob (only grandson) for us when he was in the infants and junior school. So, dad collects Freya and they're walking together back to the car when dad has a fall - flat on his face and chest!!!!! You have to realise here that my dad is 71 years old. Has had a triple heart bypass in the 1990's and still has angina and had a knee replacement a couple of years back! He now has a split lip and a very sore chest but his concern is for Freya and to collect Jacob from his school too and then to meet me at the dentist. Now dad, being dad didn't have his mobile with him to call either mum or myself so becomes even more concerned that he needs to 'stick to the arrangements' that have been made.

He walks the kids up to where I've parked and it's only then that I see his fat, bloody lip and ask what he's done when he tells me he's had a little fall (he didn't mention his ribs at this point!) I could have cried there and then, I was already stressed about the dentist and found it difficult not to break down there and then in the street (normally I'm a pretty stable kind of gal!) I told him I'd take him to the doctor's surgery but he insisted he was fine. He would ring them when he got home but had decided not to tell mum - I managed to convince him that with his lip looking like that she might just realise he'd done something!!!!

4 dentist appointments and a dentist bill later, we call into mum and dad's to see how he is only to find that they've got a neighbour to take him to the doctors as mum had called and managed to get him an emergency appointment. Finally he gets home at 5.30pm. He has been seen by the Doctor, has had an ECG, reflex tests, had his heart, chest and ribs checked out. Checked to see if he can push with equal strength with both arms (to rule out a stroke). Has been instructed not to drive until the results of an MRI scan that they've requested comes through. The Doctor was fantastic dad said. Thanks Doc, you're a star!

Sorry dad, I couldn't help but cry and upset you too when you came home and I gave you a hug. You're my dad and I love both you and mum so much. I couldn't imagine anything happening to either of you and you scared me. You are the hero in my babies lives, you make them laugh and show them limitless love. You are a truly fabulous grandad to them both. xxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Another baby card...

I seem to be in baby card making mode recently. Here's another that I made yesterday...

Supplies: White core card: Coredinations. Patterned card: DCWV. Embossing folders: Cuttlebug. Flowers: Prima. Stamps: BasicGrey.

Monday, 26 January 2009

BasicGrey card

I love the Archaic line from BasicGrey so when asked to make a card for Will's colleague's Godson's first birthday, this is where I rushed to.

You know when you make a card that you really like....? Well this is the one. Shame I had to photograph it at night in crap light and with flash eh?

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Rosie-Dee's Challenge

Week 19 already and it's my turn again to set the challenge over on Rosie-Dee's Challenge Blog.

Here's my sneaky peek....

What are you waiting around here for then...? Go! Git over there and have a look for yourself what we're challenging you to do this week!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Giving a toot!

You know what? Although I had a bad experience with my Crunchy Oats from Jordans Cereals, I'm going to give their products a bit of a toot because they deserve it for their gorgeous tastiness!

Fave cereal bar...

Fave Brekkie (and I do still eat it despite the stone incident)

Well done Jordans on two fab products produced from natural healthy ingredients!

Toofy peg update - no.1

I managed to get through the weekend fuelled mainly by copious amounts of pain killers (yay for the invention of Ibuprofen and Co-Codamol is all I can say!)

Monday: Rang the dentist for an emergency appointment, could not fit me in until the following morning.

Tuesday: Woke up totally 'bricking it' in fear of what my 9am appointment would hold and what my dentist would say. To say I was a tad nervous was such an understatement. Deep breathing and swallowing that gagging sickly feeling down a-plenty! I take the stone with me to show the dentist and explain the story, then it's into the chair. It moves back far too quickly for my liking so that he could have a look inside my mouth at the offending tooth. I would have put that experience off until eternity if I could have. (Tears weren't far from the surface of my eyes at this point!!) He looked, checking that all my teeth are still whole and that it's not broken a piece off. I'd told him that they were all present and correct and indeed they were as were all my fillings. So that's a good thing right?

Well yes, but no! The action of biting down hard on the stone has caused trauma to the nerve of my tooth which has been slowly dying over the past few weeks and has indeed caused an absess in the gum which is causing the pain that I've got. I pleaded not to have anti-biotics because of my stomach, but I was told that I need to get the infection cleared as soon as possible to prevent further problems. So I'm now on Amoxycillin 500mg, 3 times daily. My dentist has also x-rayed the site of the trauma to see whether it caused a fracture in the tooth/root below the gumline.

I have to go back next Wednesday afternoon to get the results of the x-ray and to see whether my week long anti-biotics have worked and destroyed the beasties lurking under my gum.

If the absess has gone then all well and good, but because the nerve will have died, it may come back at some point in the future in which case the process would be repeated and may then lead to the tooth being pulled - lovely!! A nice, big molar and subsequently a nice big gap!!! The other alternative is that he would have to perform root canal treatment again (see my post of 28th Feb 2008 when I last had it done to replace a broken filling).

So far it's cost me - Ibuprofen, Co-Codamol, £16.20 for an x-ray and £7.10 for the prescription. Not to mention the hours of pain, stress and the partial sleepless nights I've endured to date and continue to experience.

On a plus side, I had a comment left on my original blog post from a lovely man called David from Jordans Cereals advising me to send the stone with a letter and the packet back to them for them to investigate. How's that for excellent service? They've come to me!!!! I'm not going to do anything until I've been back to the dentist next Wednesday and know exactly what's going on in my gum though. As the stone incident happened during the Christmas break, Will has thrown the original packet out - the donut!!!! Luckily I still have the manufacturing code and date details from it written down in the little baggy that I've got the stone in.

Keep ya posted....

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Baby boy & baby girl cards

Two people I know have just become daddy's so I made them and their wife/partner a card each.

I have really enjoyed making these. I used pretty much the same design on both.

Supplies list: Embossed swirls, Cuttlebug folder onto some of the most gorgeous velvet feel card. Hearts cut using a Sizzix die and then embossed with a Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder. Flowers, Prima. Ribbon, stash. Pins, stash. Elephant, Cuttlebug folder. Stamp, Debbi Moore. Coloured cardstock, Coredinations. Mini tags, stationery shop. Candy dots, Pebbles Inc.

Di Hickman - January Sketch #3

I'm really on the ball this week! (For a change!) Here's my card for Di's sketch this week...

Supplies list: Patterned cardstock, DCWV Glitter Stack. Orange flower, Prima. All other items from stash as I'm in a 'use it up' kind of mood! The letters are actually individual little magnets.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

History is made

Today the 44th President of the United States of America was inaugerated. Barack Obama, the first black president takes to the White House.

I watched his speech and once again saw how charismatic this man is. He seems to be a natural in front of the public, can hold his audience and keep them captivated by his words. Hopefully his presidency will see a positive change in the world; more peace... less war and subsequent mindless loss of life.

So the Americans get the man that the majority of the country voted for and ultimately elected, and we get....

Nuff said!!!!!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Indigo Mill - After Eights Kit

A few sneakies of items that I've made for the Indigo Mill After Eights kit...

To see the whole picture, follow the link to Indigo Mill's site {here}

Black & White Edit

Having a play with the photo I took of Freya on Saturday, I converted it into black and & white and created this....

I know I'm her mother and therefore I surely must be biased, but she is gorgeous beyond belief!!!!!!!! She's my earthbound angel.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Di Hickman - January Sketches

Just catching up with some photography in daylight. I've made two cards for Di Hickman's January sketches which I photographed at the weekend.

The first for Di's January sketch #1 is here...

For the January sketch #2 I made this...

I'm determined to use up scraps, bits and bobs for some of my cards rather than keep cutting into new sheets as I have so many offcuts laying around. I'm therefore doubling my own challenges to use up stash while fitting the parameters of the challenges.

Rosie-Dee's Challenge

Week 18 of Rosie-Dee's Challenge already?! Wow that's gone quick, hasn't it?

Dee's turn this week, so pop over to find out what the little minx has challenged us to do. For now, here's a sneaky peek at my entry this week...


I had a lovely day out on Saturday (despite having an extremely sore mouth, not helped one little bit by the bitingly cold wind). Dee and myself went to Market Harborough for a trawl around the charity shops looking for a bargain book or two. I managed to get a couple of lovely books; one all about gift wrapping your pressies - there are some really FAB ideas in there. The other book I got was called 'A Wordsworth Treasury' a book of William Wordsworth's poems. I originally bought it to use the pages as poetry journalling spots on my layouts but I just can't bring myself to rip it apart so I'll have to type them up to use instead!

These two little cherubs tagged along with their mummies too...


Freya took her money and bought herself a couple of books to read (little book worm that she is!)

I have to have a little rant here, sorry! We were in a little coffee shop for lunch. Riley was hungry and most definitely wanted something to eat. The coffee shop was busy and there were two very rude 'ladies' in there. Obviously they don't have children of their own (lucky for all children out there me thinks!) After some complaining and an extremely loud and over-dramatic clearing of the throat followed by a very rude comment, they paid their bill and left. The other diners were as disgusted as we were I think. Should children be seen and not heard still or was that only in Victorian times?!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I am in PAIN!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was eating my all time fave brekkie - Jordan's Crunchy Oats when I bit down on something rather hard. Now, what goes through your mind is OMG!! I've broken a tooth / a filling has come out. But no.... this was stone in my cereals. I've still got the stone wrapped up in a post it note on my desk, and am now very tempted to write them a letter and send it back to them with a complaint!

It really put a shock wave right through my back tooth and through my jaw. Since then my tooth has been playing up a little but nothing to make an emergency appointment over. As we're due a check up I was going to mention it to the dentist then.


Thursday last week it was giving a bit of jip. Friday it was worse and Friday night it was really sore. Ibuprofen took care of it though. Yesterday I was in absolute bloody agony with it. I'd dosed myself up with 24 hours of Ibuprofen within 8 hours but without any relief. I rang the emergency dentist at 5pm who basically told me to rinse my mouth with salt water and ring them at 9.30 this morning as they were closed for the day. Thanks for all your help love!!!!!! By this time I was in absolute tears with the pain and knew I couldn't have any more painkillers. So a call to good old NHS Direct and a lovely Dental Nurse later I was advised to get to a pharmacy and get myself some Cocodamol as this can be taken along side Ibuprofen. YAY!!! She was my saviour last night, I can tell you. She thinks I have an absess (never had one of those before and never want one again, that's for sure!)

The only downside was that due to taking more painkillers I had to eat and that was NOT an easy task. I was in pain with just swallowing saliva or sipping water let along trying to eat. I managed to have a small amount of tea but not until the tablets had started to kick in. Two more before bedtime and I was zonked. I resisted taking more through the night but was really ready for some come this morning.

She also advised me to try and get through today without seeing the emergency dentist as they would probably only give me antibiotics. With the problems I've had with my stomach over the last (almost) 5 years these are the last things that I need as I'm only just getting back to normal food wise after a month long prescribed dose of pro-biotics. She recommended I ring my dentist on Monday morning and see him, and to be honest, that's a much better option in my book. I really trust my own dentist.

Today's painkiller rota goes something like this.... 2 x Cocodamol, 3-4 hours later 2 x Ibuprofen, 3-4 hours later 2 x Cocodamol....... That way I can have continuous pain relief (well almost!) without overdosing myself. Hopefully enough to last me until I can get to my dentist.

I'll keep you informed how I get on, wish me luck! I had root canal treatment and a crown last year on the right hand side of my mouth, will it be de ja vue on the left this year.......?

Indigo Mill's back!

The Indigo Mill shop is back on line again after a refurbishment. Steph is now specialising in kits and associated add ons only. As opposed to the general, run of the mill craft items.

You won't be disappointed if you pop over and have a peek at the goodies that she's put together for you. Everything co-ordinates beautifully.

Her 'Sin City' kit appeared in the February edition of Scrapbook Inspirations under the Ready Steady Scrap section where two beautiful layouts were put together.

You'll find ideas and inspiration in the shop gallery along with links to her Design Team's own blogs (yep! That includes one back to me! ;-) )

If you're quick, then you can take part in the blog candy give away. Just follow the link {here} for details.

Happy Birthday Riley!

Dee's little cutie, Riley, is the grand age of 2 today. Happy birthday little man!

He should have his card by now, so I'll show you it here...

Papers are K&Company. Letters are American Crafts.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Over on Rosie-Dee's Challenge blog, we're asking you to share with us your floral side! Hand make a flower for a card or a layout from whatever material you choose.

For this one I tore 2 large circles, one from white core card the other from patterned paper. A third circle was punched from the white core. All 3 circles are then scrunched up to distress the surface. Dampen the edges of the two larger circles and slightly tear, roll and scrunch the edge. Allow to dry. Sand the white core on the smallest circle then assemble together. One shabby chic flower ready for scrapbooking!

Of course, your flowers don't have to be shabby they can be more formal like this one...

How simple is it to punch circles from the same cardstock and papers used above. We all know that things look much nicer when assembled in odd numbers, so the first layer comprises 5 circles with the outer lay having 7 circles. A bit of doodling to finish it off. Mine is flat, but you could always layer it together with foam dots/pads.

My final flower is made from felt. I cut a large flower from yellow felt which I stitched around the egdge of. Onto this I added a smaller orange flower with yellow thread radiating from the centre around the edges and pulled slightly to make the petal shape. A simple circle was then cut from cerise felt and a yellow running stitch sewn around the edge. Topped off with a flower button! Tactile and dimensional ready for a layout.

And this is the layout that it belongs on...

Why not make your own floral masterpiece and then leave a comment over on Rosie-Dee's challenge blog so that we can visit your floristry!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Kirsty's photos...

As promised, here are the photos that Kirsty so kindly took of the kids for us yesterday..

They are fantastic photos of the kids (sorry Kirsty, I didn't edit, they are raw from the camera, complete with fading light. I'll get Mr G to sort them out with his Photoshop skills - dodge, burn and all that malarky!)

Thank you so much for them xxxx

It's a windy one here!

What's your weather like tonight? It's blowing up a bit of a hoolie here! I HATE the strong winds. Makes me worry about the roof tiles. Am i just a worry wort or do others feel like that?!

I think it stems back to when Will used to work shifts - we always lost roof or ridge tiles when I was on my own at home or with the kids, he never seemed to be there when the crashing started, especially if it were a windy night and he was night shift. There is a disadvantage living on a hill I can tell you! We won't flood but we may just blow away.

Offers of lead boots gratefully received!

So sad!

We received a phone call from my Brother In Law last night. My sister has had her dog, Katie, for over 15 years and finally had to make the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep on Friday night. She has battled through so much for such a little dog, especially in the recent months.

I remember such a funny time when Jacob was a new born in his moses basket. Katie was only a little Jack Russell and was so curious to see what was in this moses basket in my parent's living room. She did the best impression of a mere cat you ever imagine! Sitting up so straight on her back legs making herself tall enough to try and see over the side of the basket. Jacob was only a couple of weeks old at this point and moved and made the basket rustle. OMG!!!!! How quick did the 'big brave' Katie run away like a scalded cat!!!!! She HATED that basket and the sound it made by the 'unknown' creature inside that made it squeak when it moved.

She was such a fantastic comfort to my sister over all of these years, being there for her during the happy and the extremely sad and difficult times that she encountered. Without Katie as her comfort, life would have been so much more difficult for her. She stayed with 'grandma and grandad' while Anita served for 6 months in Bosnia, so you can imagine how close we all were to the little pooch. They were such a fantastic team - totally inseparable and totally adored each other.

Katie wasn't too tolerant of our Maisy. By the time Maisy came to the family, Katie was 10 and in no mood for silly puppy games! They soon came to get on though, Maisy calmed down around her and Katie got used to her being around.

How many dogs do you know that come to their mummy's wedding? Well Katie did just that in October 2007 when Anita married Steve. It must have been such a surreal sight, bride in her dress, groom in his uniform both walking their dogs round the streets of Stamford after the wedding service and photos were taken. That's Katie on the left. Her playmate Woody is on the right.

Oh how we're all going to miss that little dog. Anita more than anyone else. She has made such an impact on the whole family; our mum & dad, my sister, brother, Will, myself and the kids. There were many tears shed in our house last night. It's the first time Freya has experienced a loss so close to home. It's breaking my heart to see her so sad. Jacob has that bit more understanding due to his age, but neither have ever known Aunty Anita without Katie by her side.

No more pain, no more suffering, just endless walks in the park for Katie now. And NO MORE squeaky moses baskets either! Be at peace Katie. xxx

Saturday, 10 January 2009

House guest

Will, Jacob, Freya and myself have had a lovely house guest over the last 24 hours.

Kirsty was down on a 'secret mission' locally and so came to visit and stay with us. The kids adored her from the off! Freya even told her of her 'secret' she keeps hidden (Kirsty, you know what that is!) Oh boy did we laugh when she came out with that little gem!

Friday night is no-cook night so it was off to the pub for tea. No Diet Coke at the pub I'm afraid and the replacement Pepsi made you bleugh, gag, cough! Sorry, now you know why I don't order it at the pub - there really is NO alternative to the proper Diet Coke ya know!

We talked into the wee small hours, laughed out loud until we almost wet ourselves, shared stories and secrets too. I have to admit, Will was in his element - can you imagine... one Nikon photo nut talking to an equally knowledgeable Nikon photo nut. I could feel the technical talk whooshing straight over my head!

When Kirsty FINALLY emerged out of her slumber this morning (and only just this morning!!!!) we sat around chatting and playing several word games with the kids. One of which went like this...

My Granny went to the shops and bought:
An Apple
A Baboon
A Caterpillar
A Dronkey (half donkey, half dragon as per Shrek)
An Enormous Elephant
A Fart (thanks for that little gem Kirsty, it's now Freya's fave word!)
A Galaxy
airy old man
An Indian
Jolly hockey sticks
A Kangaroo
A Lighthouse
A Microscope
A Nincompoop
An Oscar statue
A Pink bra (err..... Jacob....?!)
A Queen
Copyright to the word Ridiculous (guess who this wierd one came from?)
Santa's Sleigh
A Train Track
A pair of Underpants (Freya's choice!)
Very Volcanic Visuvias
Wee Willy Winky
Xanthum gum (Jacob! Where did this come from?)
Yappity Yappity Yap
Zany Zebras on Zinc

After finally getting dressed (and I'm talking almost 3pm by this point - lazy moo LOL!) Kirsty took some gorgeous photos of Freya and Jacob for us. They're on Will's computer at the mo, but I'll upload a couple to show you later. (I do have Kirsty's permission to use her images, btw).

It really has been such a lovely 24 hours spent with a lovely, lovely lady. Thanks for coming down sweetie, we all can't wait for next time.

Oh and I have the most gorgeous 'special preview' card that she made me. I'll check to see if I can show you it or not.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Debbi Moore - Part 3

I seem to have really gotten into my mojo this time with the kit. As a result, you get to a third blog post (lucky you, eh? hahahaha!) of my projects for Debbi.

These papers are just so versatile to use, and perfect for a baby girl card. The gingham ribbon is from Debbi too. I used the punch and followed the easy instructions to make an oval on which to stamp a Baby definition.

This card uses the same papers, stamp and ribbon but this time I punched a strip of paper to go beind another piece of the printed script paper.

This is a 6"x6" scrapbook page using Debbi's papers, which I've inked the edges of. I cut the Fleur-de-Lys motif from one of the papers and mounted it onto foam pads for some depth. A little bit of inking, glittering, some doodling and some lace and voila! An Elizabethan page for a beautiful (although sadly partly ruined) Elizabethan Mansion.

This is an ordinary (boring) A5 spiral bound notebook. It's covered front and back with some of Debbi's papers from the Classical Elegance CD. To this I added a strip of inked cream cardstock and some hessian strip. I attached another of the designs on the CD which is printed on to some vellum to a circle of chipboard. The addition of a large paper bloom and a circle of the background paper which is attached with a gem centred brad and a little tag. One simple book project which becomes something very different with a little bit of time and some lovely products. This book was featured during the stamping section of Debbi's show on QVC yesterday.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Debbi Moore - Part 2

More from my designs for Debbi.

This one is a 6" circle cut from a piece of vellum onto which I've printed out one of the designs from Debbi's Classical Elegance CD. The red script paper, also from the CD, is adhered to a piece of chipboard which is then cut, sanded and distressed when dry. I backed this heart onto a piece of hessian ribbon and tied it with a piece of natural twine.

This set of Kerri Jo stamps from Debbi is fab! I love the girlie designs on the sheet. For this one, I've stamped Little Miss Pirate and watercoloured her before cutting around her. She is stuck to a rectangle of punched paper and then mounted onto a piece of brown printed vellum from the Classical Elegance CD which is punched to provide a border. One of Debbi's definition stamps onto a piece of inked cream cardstock and then matted onto some brown cardstock completes this card.

I like the simplicity and grunginess (is that actually a word?!) of this one. The design is printed in grey onto some paper. Cut to size and inked around the edges with black. A simple strip of hessian ribbon is added to the centre and some script paper is stuck to a chipboard heart, cut and distressed and tied with natural twine. A simple stamped greeting from Debbi finishes this one off - Valentine for a man....?

Continuing the Lurve theme... I printed a background design onto vellum and punched a straight edging using Debbi's new punch. I punched a circle from plain white paper, which I distressed with co-ordinating ink. This was stamped using Debbi's LOVE stamp and a border stamp from her clear Regency Set. I used the same stamp as a card edging. Finished by tying a length of brown organza ribbon at the top.
Fairly similar to the card above. The background is this time printed onto pink vellum, the same punched border is added before sticking to this to the card base. This time tied with a length of pink organza ribbon and the LOVE greeting stamped directly onto the card base with the addition of a little gem for sparkle!

Don't forget that Debbi will be on QVC today at 10:00am where (if I'm lucky) some of my cards will be shown - woo hoo!


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