Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Bullying... part 2

Well, the school are definitely on the ball as far as bullying goes. I brought it to the attention of Jacob's tutor yesterday afternoon when she rang me. I then get an email this morning from Jacob to say that she has spoken to him.

At lunchtime I get a phone call from the Vice Principal following my email to school earlier. Jacob had a meeting with the VP/Head of Student Care, as did a witness to the bullying. The bully and two of his little 'friends' also got to see the VP.

It was stressed to me that the school look upon bullying as totally not acceptable (and rightly so, too!) The parents of the bully will be called into a meeting before Friday and the consequences of further incidents will be put forward (basically, he will be 'out')

Jacob came home so much happier from school, like the huge weight that he's been carrying on his young shoulders has been lifted. Only time will really tell whether the bully will change his ways... do leopards ever really change their spots...???

Fingers crossed for my confident, happy son to come back very soon.

Monday, 29 September 2008

What gives the bully the right....

To tell my son on a daily basis to:

* go and kill yourself
* go and jump off a cliff
* here's some rope, go and do us all a favour
* to push him into walls
* to trip him up
* to push him into other people

Just what is the mentality of a bully? Where do they get off ruining someone elses' life? To make them miserable and self conscious.

I cried today - LOADS!!!

Jacob has suffered at the hands of this littl sh*t since last acadamic year, but has kept it to himself, only telling us about it on Saturday. We had wondered why he stopped gelling his hair for school and had become quiet. Not that he was ever loud. He had insisted that it was nothing and we accepted his word, putting it down to his emerging hormones.

Jacob's tutor is now aware of the situation and is taking it to the Vice Principal who is also head of student care. This WILL be sorted. Jacob is not this kid's first 'victim' but if we get our way, he will be his LAST victim.

No-one has the right in life to do that to another person, albeit by words or by actions.

I went to school with a brother and sister. One younger, one older. The boy committed suicide due to bullying and the fact that he couldn't take it any more. He wasn't the one in the wrong, it was the bullies. But they still have their lives and their parents still have their child. Sadly there is a family out there that never saw their son grown up to be a man.

We need to do everything we have in our powers to stamp bullying out - NOW!!!!!!

Circle Journal

This is the entry that I've done into Maxine's CJ over on Bubbly Funk. The theme was colours. It's looking wonderful and bright already. I'm sure Maxine will love it when she finally gets it home again next year.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Studio Calico Kit - September

This is another layout using the Studio Calico September kit. This was taken in Jacob's last year at Junior School. We can't believe where the years have gone, and why have they gone so quickly?

My poorly baby...

Freya's not well!

She seemed bright and perky all day yesterday. She had her tea and then at 8.45pm said she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Not like her on her 'late night Saturday' at all. Off she goes, has mommy cuddles and says goodnight.


OMG!!!! Seems her poor little tummy didn't want to keep her dinner inside, so out it came all in her bed, over the floor, in her rug EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Must have taken the poor little mite by surprise as shee didn't even get the chance to get herself out of bed or into the bathroom.

After what seemed a MAJOR clean up operation (note to self.... buy new single quilt!) we get her reluctantly back into bed but she doesn't want to go back to sleep in case she's sick in her bed again, bless her.

1:09am it starts all over again, only this time, I'm the only one to wake up and have to deal with the mess - lovely (I DON'T DO SICK BTW!!!)

She finally goes back to sleep and has a peaceful night. Late morning this morning until 10.30am when she informs me she wants her breakfast as she's hungry! So we say, if she wants it let her eat - doctor's advice from her baby days when she was VERY sicky, VERY often!

We get all the way through today without further problems, although she didn't want to go out to play with her friends, so we must have realised she wasn't 100%

Then this evening... Oh joy! Here we go again!! Bless her, she ran through the house like a rocket to get upstairs so that she could be sick into the bath as it's easier to wash away without making a mess. She's currently fast asleep upstairs but I'm the one reluctant to go to bed to sleep as I'm worried my baby will be sick and I won't hear her when she needs me. Hence why I'm a very tired momma on her laptop!

Send her some extra healing hugs as I think she needs them at the mo. No school for her tomorrow in case it's a tummy bug. Not fair to pass it on to the other children. She's not happy about that as in her 3 years at infant school, she only missed one day of school and had the best attendance for her year.

New stamps

I took a trip over to the Clever Cut shop in the lovely setting of East Carlton Park earlier today to see what new goodies Ali and Paul have. Never disapointed, I treated myself to this fab Christmas seal stamp and a new gorgeous journalling stamp that's not even on the shop site yet.... be jealous, be VERY jealous! HEHE!

Ali also sells Versamagic Dew Drop stamps, so I just had to have a few new ones of these in some gorgeous sherbetty colours. YUM!

They've also got some of their new fab 'Above Board' Die cuts in lovely embellishment shapes. Can't wait to get my paws on these lil' babies. I can feel some inking, heat embossing and serious altering coming up!

Poor Ali was in there 'home alone' as Paul was at Ally Pally. Just hope he wasn't slacking! LOL

Rosie-Dee's Challenge, week 3

Sneaky peek...

Pop over to our challenge blog and have a look.....

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sneaky Peek...

This is to be sent to friends of our soon....

Friday, 26 September 2008

New Shoes!

I uploaded piccies of my new shoes in July and I'm so sad that I've created a scrapbook page on them too! HAHA!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Old photo, new layout

I know that I've scrapped this photo of my in-laws' wedding before, but I gave this one a new look using a Tim Holtz Grunge Board which I painted in copper acrylic paint. Neither of Will's parents are with us anymore so there isn't an opportunity to scrap any new photographs and we have pretty much no other photograph of them either as they were all lost years ago (not by us, I hasten to add!)

The stamps were from Autumn Leaves and Stamps Away and the chipboard hart is from Maya Road.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Summer Holiday

I've used Lindsey Hopkins-Westbrook's scraplift in issue 32 of Scrapbook magazine to create this layout. The photo was taken of me on the last night of our holiday in Lanzarote in August. It's one of Will's favourite photos of me at the mo.

Papers are from October Afternoon, the acetate backing the photograph is from KI memories. Yellow vinyl embellishments from Thickers. Ribbon from John Lewis. Letters from Papermania, although I coloured them black with a permanent marker as they clashed!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New challenge blog

Deanne Evans and myself live about 10 miles from each other and try to meet up once a week to take time out from other halves, kids and domesticity to waste some time drinking coffee, eating calorie laden cakes and do the odd bit of crafting.

We've decided to set each other a weekly challenge so that we keep our mojo in full flow and as a result we've set up our challenge blog {here}. We'd love you to join in with us too and share our challenges.

Leave us a comment on the challenge blog so that we can see what you come up with from our challenges.

The big reveal.....

So I gave you a couple of sneaky peeks of Deanne's layouts that I made for her.

Bless her she visited me on Saturday (VERY hung over.....!!!!) and I was suffering from a right stinking migraine but Deanne and crafting were the therapy that I needed to lift the tension for a few hours. She loved her layouts (well, so she said!) so I can show you the final images now.... da, da, daaaaaaa

I used my fave on this LO - BasicGrey as matting to the photographs and dampened, scrunched up, flattened out, torn and then rolled the edges for the flowers. The leaves are hand cut from white core card and scrunched up then distressed to give a shabby chic kind of look. The cream background card has a lovely acetate from Fancy Pants on it and underneath that there is a little bit of hidden journalling.

The one of Jack is also BasicGrey but this time from their Cupcakes range. I wanted to keep this fairly simple to emphasise the size of that Rollover hot dog that he's eating. I've rolled the journalling round to reflect his lunch!

This was such a challenge to scrap someone else's photographs, as although they say they like your work, they could just be being polite. I loved doing it though.

Right.... on to our next challenge. My turn next and it's going to be a sketch!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sneaky Peek... No.2!

This is the second layout sneaky peek that I've done for Deanne.

Sneaky Peek...

Deanne, set me a bit of a challenge on Sunday. We swapped photos with the challenge of creating layouts for each other.

It is really daunting scrapping someone else's photos as you want them to be pleased with the results.

Deanne, I hope you love what I've done, but for now you get a sneaky peek... LOL. You gave me sepia and I give you..... Andy Warhole! LOL

Monday, 15 September 2008

Do you like my new banner?

I created it using this fab digi scrapping website where you can create your own web galleries online. You can upload countless number of backgrounds, stickers etc to play with too.

For those new to digi scrapping it's as easy as pie to use. There's no software to download and all your creations are held on their server too, so no hungry files to eat up your hard drive either.

You can download your creations to on line photo printers to get them printed and upload on to your blog too. The list of possibilities is almost endless....

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Studio Calico Kit - September

I don't always treat myself to the Studio Calico kit, although I would love to every month, but this month I did.

We have loads of school photos of the kids hanging around, doing nothing except taking space in cupboards up. We tend to only have the most current photo on show so I've decided to go back through them and get them scrapped.

These photos were both taken at the start of the academic year 2007/08. My children are my life, my future, my everything!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Rosie-Dee's Challenge #51

Well, this was my sketch...

And this is my card...

White 5 1/4"x5 1/4" card.
All cardstock and papers were from the August Kit from Indigo Mill 'The Beautiful Life'
Flowers: Prima.
Butterfly cut on the Craft Robo.
Inkpad: Color box.
Gem: Patti's Pretties from Kirsty Wiseman.
Letter stickers: Adornit and Making Memories.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Having a bit of a rough time!

Not around much online anywhere at the mo. I'm going through the mill a little healthwise and as a result, after a full day at work in front of a computer, then cooking tea and sorting the house/laundry out the last place I want to be in the evenings is back on the computer. It only keeps me awake for far too long into the night and stops me sleeping, and at the mo I'm very tired and need my sleep.

I'm normally in my bed by 10pm latest recently, which is not like me at all.

Anyway, my doc and the hospital are currently looking into it and I'm currently waiting for hospital results to come through. I'm in their safe hands.....

I'll get round to posting some more of the holiday photos soon, I promise.

For now my spare time is spent crafting and not computing as that doesn't tax my single brain cell and start it buzzing and not wanting to go to sleep!



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