Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Proud mummy!!

We went to Freya's parents evening tonight. Could not hide the smile on our faces when we were told that she is an absolute pleasure to teach! She is a good all round pupil; bright, intelligent and polite.

She's being rewarded in the Achievement Assembly on Friday - not for any one thing, but for being such a good all-rounder.

Well done Freya, I am so proud of what you have achieved at such a young age. Work hard, live long, love life.

Love you baby!


Sunday, 25 February 2007

Bubbly Funk Circle Journal

I've been so eagerly waiting for my Bubbly Funk Circle Journal to arrive back to see what fab entries the ladies have made for me!

So........ here it is in all it's glorious technicolour:

A special thank you to Di W, Chris, Melissa (Tinker), Caroline and Linda for the time, love and fabulous entries that you have done for me.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Meet Megan

This is Megan.
She's a Renault - like my last car.
She's silver - like my last car.
She goes - UNLIKE my last car!!!!

Thursday, 15 February 2007

What did you get on Valentine's Day?

True to form, Valentine's Day brought me a great big nothing! We don't celebrate Valentine's Day and to be perfectly honest, neither of us felt well enough to bother about it either.

We have a house full of 4 people all with very heavy colds! (Or in Will's case 'man flu') Feel like I'm keeping Kleenex in business with all those tissues we're getting through a the moment!

Will was off work yesterday and today. Him and the kids spent most of the day in bed sleeping on and off. The kids didn't even get dressed! He only managed to be up and out of bed for about 4 hours in total yesterday (long enough to cook lunch and tea for the kids and walk the dog) but managed a bit longer today. He even popped down to see my dad with the kids for an hour today. Didn't want to keep them there too long as we really don't want mum and dad to catch the dreaded lurgy that we've all got!

I was only home from work 10 minutes yesterday before I was in my pyjamas and socks and tucked up in bed. Couldn't get warm even tucked up with my pj's and socks on! So got up at 8.30 and had a cuppa and a nice slice of my chocolate cake (medicinal purposes only of course) before heading back upstairs where I struggled to get back to sleep.

Perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day? I think not!!!!! Maybe next year romance will find me!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Dad's Home!

Dad got discharged from hospital today so I took mum over to the hospital to collect him. He had to have a scan on his leg yesterday but thankfully it came back clear of a blood clot, which they were worried was causing the pain and swelling in his leg.

I have to say a great big thank you to some very special people, Mel and Gareth, for all their help with the kids - they've picked them up and looked after them from school for us and had them this afternoon so that mum could come to the hospital with me to get dad. Mind you it did cost me a wheat free chocolate cake that I made for Gareth!! Must admit - my wheat free cakes don't normally rise but this one did! Had 200g of milk chocolate on the top too. Yummy!

Thursday, 8 February 2007


Woke this morning to find a decent amount of settled snow on the ground. The kids were so excited until they found out that pretty much most of the other local schools were closed but their schools were both open! HAHA!

Roads were a bit slippy to say the least. Remembering my own years of experience as a driver and my training and teaching as a driving instructor; leave loads of room for other drivers, pull off in second gear to aid traction and use engine braking to slow the car in plenty of time! Great I thought - I know how to drive in this white muck!!! Shame other drivers aren't quite as sure what to do. Waiting to exit the road which is a whole 30 seconds from home the car coming into the road turned - could have been at a slightly slower speed if I'm honest - his wheels turned but his car didn't quite follow the same path and skidded, heading straight towards the front offside wing of my new car that I've had a whole, what? 8 days!!!!!!!! Being the brave soul that I am (and I'm stressing that I was completely stationary, handbrake on, here!) I took both hands off my steering wheel, closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands to wait the impact. It didn't come luckily. He stopped with less than an inch between the two cars!!!!!! How lucky is my little Megan! She so nearly got re-shaped this morning!

Had a phone call from the infant school just after 2pm - Freya was feeling poorly and can I come and pick her up. Rang the junior school and arranged to collect Jacob early too as I didnt' want to have to take Freya back out again an hour after getting her home to pick him up from school. Luckily due to the snow and a distinct lack of pupils there today, they were ok about it. Will no doubt get some stick taking my son out of school early and me being a school governor too!

Calpol and a sleep seemed to do the trick as she managed to eat all her dinner. She laid on the sofa and watched some TV after dinner, had some Medised and went straight off to sleep in bed. Hopefully she'll wake up fine in the morning.

Jacob built a snowman on the front garden this afternoon, making the most of the snow and the early finish from school! But he made it a little lopsided and it fell over and fell apart, so I can't take a photo of anything except a big ball of snowy mess to show you, which is a shame. Better luck next time Jacob. He came in freezing cold and ended up running a temperature so it was Medised and an early night for him too!

On a brighter note, the physio-terrorists got dad out of bed following his new knee op today and he managed to take a few steps with the aid of a zimmer frame. He's desperate to get out of hospital and is hoping to be home on Sunday - we'll have to wait and see how he gets on over the next few days though - they have to be able to bend their knee to 90 degrees before they can come home - he's at about 60 degrees now so is doing well. C'mon dad! Hop to it and come home soon! Love you! x

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Dad has a new knee!

Dad went into hospital yesterday for a replacement right knee as his old one is totally knackered!

He had it done this afternoon under epidural rather than a general anaesthetic. Took mum over tonight to see him and he looks great! (For an old boy of almost 70 that is!!!! - Only joking dad, I love you dearly!)

Still flat on his back as he's not allowed to sit up yet, but no doubt those physi-terrorists (oops, sorry, physiotherapists) will have him up and out of bed jogging the hospital corridors in no time flat!

Going to take the kids over tomorrow to see their Grandad (or Grandappy as Freya calls him when she's after something!). Wasn't sure how he'd be tonight so had decided to leave them both at home, just in case he was really groggy or in lots of pain as I know Freya would have been really upset - Jacob, being the cool 11 year old that he is, would have taken it all in his stride of course!!!

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Happy Birthday to me - Last of the 30's!

It was my birthday yesterday (Friday 2nd Feb). It's the last one of my thirties that I'll ever get to celebrate as I'm now 39 years old. One of my lovely Bubbly Funk friends sent me a 40th birthday card by mistake HAHA! I received some beautiful cards from the ladies on Bubbly Funk, so I've taken a photo for you all to see.

Went out for dinner with Will last night - just the two of us as friends babysat for us. Lovely meal at Dunkleys in Castle Ashby near Northampton. We love this restaurant and would highly recommend it if you get the chance for a visit. I had oven baked pork in a leek and cream sauce (should have had an apple gravy but it was thickened with flour, so not for me). Will had lamb with a raspberry gravy. Both served with fresh vegetables and potatoes. YUMMY!!!!

Got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my new bosses - I LOVE lilies so can't wait to see them all out in full bloom. It also had some of that lovely twisty bamboo in it.

Will bought me some beautiful lilies too. Got some lovely pressies and loads of chocolates (YAY!) Thanks to everyone for making my birthday special.


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