Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year and a wonderful 2008

To everyone who has ever visited and read my blog, left me a message or has become a friend to me, I wish you a Happy New Year, a prosperous and healthy 2008 and everything for you that you would wish for your friends and family.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. I am so grateful to you all for the time you have spent out of your lives to see what I'm up to.

Cheers to you all and to 2008!!! See you soon!


Friday, 28 December 2007

I like this Digi-Scrapping Lark!

I thought it only fair to digi-scrap a picture of Jacob and one of Will, seeing as I'm really enjoying lappy scrapping!!

This photo of Jacob was taken at my sister's wedding in October 2007.

The photographs of us all were taken in summer 2007. I had this notion to take some black and white photos of us all wearing a plain, white shirt. I was pleased with the results and these digi-papers and elements do them justice, I think.

All digi-papers and elements were from Shabby Princess free downloads.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Another Digi-Scrapped page

These photos were taken of Freya at my sister's wedding in October. Seeing as our plans tonight have been cancelled, I sat at the old lappy and conjured up this....

Papers and embellie bits were from Shabby Princess (different kits though, and to be honest I can't remember what came from which kit).

Bubbly Funk - Secret Santa

This is what I made for Ellen in the Secret Santa swap over on Bubbly Funk

Ellen wanted an address book. Her stiplulation was a categorical NO PINK to be included!!!!!! I was tempted, but then I found my halo and decided not to be naughty. So I wrote the tag in PINK instead! LOL

Hope you like it Ellen. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Digi-Scrap

I downloaded some fabulous Freebie Digi Scrap elements and papers tonight. It really made me want to scrap a page, so this is what I came up with.....

The papers and elements were all from Shabby Princess. This is such a fab site that you can download freebies from, I would highly recommend it.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Well, Wha'dya get for Christmas?

Santa forgot to bring me stash - not a jot of it appeared in my stocking! I'll just have to use some of the money that I got to choose my own then, won't I?

We were so proud of the kids yesterday. They are both so level headed and don't expect anything. Freya was sooooo excited when Santa left a Nintendo DS in her stocking. She had only asked for that and some drawing paper for Christmas. Jacob had wanted a Nintendo Wii but as they are so hard to come by and we couldn't get one, he was willing to have some money towards it, save up the rest and buy one when he had enough and they were back in stock again. Imagine his face at 5pm last night when I asked him to go and fetch a 'surprise' present off my bed that I'd got for Will. When asked by Will to help him open it, it took a few seconds for the penny to drop and realise that the present was in fact a Wii and then to be told it was for him too! He cried, we cried, my parents cried! Not many kids out there would be so grateful, I can tell you. It really humbled us all to see the gratitude in his face. Not to mention when he said that he would give us some money towards the cost of it as he didn't expect us to pay for it all. I am so proud of my son and my daughter.

Christmas is all about children. We try not to spoil them and in doing so they have a real understanding and respect for what they have. They are not greedy children at all. Freya even bought me an additional present for Christmas out of her own money; Will had bought a present from each of them for me already, but when she saw this glass paperweight of a watering can sprinkling heart water droplets onto some flowers with the words 'Thank you for being my mum' she had to go and buy it with her daddy without me knowing. It wasn't cheap and it took all but £2.00 of the money in her purse, but she wanted me to have it.

What did Santa leave in your stocking?

I hope you had a truly magical Christmas and that you experienced some of the joy that we shared yesterday.

Merry Christmas xxxx

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

To everyone who reads my blog, past, present and future....

I wish to you a peaceful Christmas filled with your own traditions and to be surrounded by family and friends.

We have my parents over tomorrow to share dinner with us. My two sisters and their husbands will be with us during the period between Christmas and New Year.

Food is bought, the table is laid and the dishes are in the dishwasher being freshened up as I type. The children have left a mince pie out for Santa with his glass of milk (don't want Santa being drunk in charge of a sleigh now, do we?!) The carrot is on the plate too as we all know that's Rudolph's favourite food. They're both now in bed, no doubt Freya is fast asleep and dreaming of Santa and all things nice while Jacob is lying wide awake waiting to catch either Will or myself sneaking into his bedroom to put his 'Santa' pressie in his stocking. So sad when they no longer believe, isn't it?

I'm hoping to catch Gordon Ramsay on TV at 10pm, so to you all, goodnight and a very Merry Christmas.


Saturday, 22 December 2007

First ever Digi-Scrap!

I used the fabulous free papers and embellie bits from Bubbly Funk that Kirsty Wiseman created to make my first ever digi-scrap pages.

Yes, they're basic, but they're a start!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Notebooks for Christmas

Freya wanted a notebook for her teacher as a Christmas present. She actually has 2 teachers as her teacher, Lucy, is also the Deputy Head so Georgina stands in to teach them one day a week. She has a lovely teaching assistant in class, Jackie, so one notebook became 3 to make! Good job I love making them, eh?

All papers are DCWV. The chipboard birdie and flowers are Bubbly Funk. Alpha Chipboard are BasicGrey which I've inked, shadowed and then UTEE'd for depth. Die Cuts lettering is Sizzix Curlie Girlie. Flowers are Primas, brads from stash.

Di Hickman - Card Sketch Team Call

Di Hickman is calling for some new Card Sketch Team members. This is my attempt at interpreting the theme. Hope I'm lucky!

Papers are from Rhonna Farrer. Holographic card is from cheapy pound shop. Chipboard bauble is diecut and topped with Glossy Accents and Art Accentz beads/glitter. Stamps are alphas from Stamps Away.

Do me a favour you lot.... don't tell Will his card is here will you? And really DO NOT tell him that I made it because I was applying for a DT and not because I wanted to make his card!!! LOL LOL. Might make him another incase he sees this.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Altered Calendar

Received a rather boring calendar for next year the other day at work. I mean, look at it?! It was just itching to be altered, and who was I to be so rude as to ignore it's little plea to make it nice...? LOL

Papers are SEI Hippie Chick, bloom from Dunelm, flowers from Prima. Alphas cut using the Sizzix Curlie Girlie font.


Following on from the fab Cyber Crop we had over at Bubbly Funk I WON these goodies. Gorgeous colours - as I'm rather liking lilacs at the moment and some FAB flowers with stamens too. Can't wait to get going on making something with the 6 oval chipboard pieces and bead chains. I can feel a little keepsake book coming on!

Just look what I got...!!!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....

What do you contain.....?

A little reminder of my children is the answer.

This was sent to me from America from my dad's sister, Aunty Gill to celebrate Jacob's first Chritmas in 1995.

And this is an imprint of Freya's hand that nursery took for us when she was only just one year old. Look how she's grown!

Christmas lights

This is a piccie of the front of my house with the Christmas lights up.

Funny thing is - Will never takes the top set of lights down insisting it's easier to leave them up and then have to spend ages up the ladder testing every single bulb 'in situ' (all 200 of them!) rather than re-hang them every year. I beg to differ, especially when it's me at the bottom of the ladder holding the bloody thing still in the freezing cold!

Sorry it's very orange - bloomin' street lights!!!! And Jacob is in the shower in the en-suite, hence the bathroom light on! Shouldn't complain really, after all - he IS a boy and he IS in the shower! I should be thankful for small mercies LOL LOL

And this is my tree. Tried to go for the single colour of gold this year, but a certain two little ones added a red santa and rudolph with his bright red nose amongst the branches!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Holiday Scrapping

I've just signed up to become a Craft-ED consultant and this was what I created out of my training evening last night.

All papers are from Die Cuts with a View (DCWV). Alphabet is 'Junk Draw' from Sizzix.

I'm pretty pleased with these! YAY!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Birthday? It's in the bag!

Had to show you these....

Freya sitting in her birthday present bag.

Deep in concentration at her new spy kit she wanted.

And I've taken one too many photos me thinks! (She still looks gorgeous though!)

He's not going to thank me for this, but......

Freya was bought two coats for her birthday yesterday. Jacob (being the character that he is), decided to try them both on. He is really going to regret me having my camera out at the time, isn't he!?

The pink coat is from George at Asda and is aged 5-6!!! The brown is from H&M aged 6-7. We always knew our kids were slim, but this just goes to show just how skinny my two kids actually are!!! Oh, how jealous am I??!!!

Is it just me or does he do a fab Mika impression?

Sorry Jacob! Love you really. (But thanks for the laugh!)

Friday, 7 December 2007

2 more cards

Made these last night too. I originally sat down to make Freya's birthday card, but you know how it is when you've got your stash out...!

Orange card was a freebie from the lovely Kathy. Lettering is Curlie Girlie from Sizzix. Heart from Ellison BIGZ die. Felt was from freebie stash from Rhi

Paper is DCWV Glitter stack. Heart and flowers from Sizzix/Ellison Dies. Lettering is Junk Drawer from Sizzix.

Elf name

Oh My Word!!!! Janice had a note on her blog to check out your Elf name.....

I am....

Your Elf Name Is...

Furry Fruit Cake

Birthday Girl!

There is a certain young lady in our household who is celebrating her 7th birthday today! Bless her little cottons, she is sooo excited, but only wanted to open her cards before going to school as she wants to 'have time to look at her pressies properly' so is leaving them until she comes home.

After the immense problems with her during my pregnancy, I cannot believe that 7 years have passed and that my daughter has grown into the beautiful young lady that she is. I am such a proud mummy (daddy's proud too, of course!) and we are so lucky to have her in our family.

So here is my 7 year old daughter...

And here is her card! (Apparently this is the nicest card that anyone has ever made for her..... awwwww!)

Paper was from 3 Bugs in a Rug, ribbon from stash. Lettering and number cut on the Big Shot with the Curlie Girlie die. Hearts cut with Bigz die and mounted on to some thin chipboard to raise one of them. Finished of with a lil' bit of doodling.

Thursday, 6 December 2007


Freya made this at school today. It's a puppet of Mrs Claus made from a cup, so we've christened it a cuppet!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Just a few cards that I've made recently too.


I was asked to make a sign with his name on for my boss' son's friend, Seb. Instead I decided to make him a canvas to hang on his wall. The canvas is 12x12" which is covered in SEI paper. Lettering is cut from Sizzix dies. Chipboard accents from We Are Memory Keepers.

This led onto making one for my boss' son, Lewis too.

The backing card is Bazill Bling (lush!). The 'Coffee Bean' is from stash bought in a sale a couple of years back. Lettering again cut with a Sizzix die. The chipboard arrow is covered in some embossed script paper, triple clear embossed and edged with gold krylon. I also edged the Coffee Been paper with the krylon to make it a little 'rustic'

Catch up...

It's been a while since I blogged and I have a few projects that I've made that need blogging....

This is for the Secret Santa swap over on Bubbly Funk. Can't show you the whole 'book' obviously as Santa is yet to deliver it!

I'll have to check where the papers came from as I've had them a while. The chipboard heart is from Maya Road, which is inked then triple embossed and edged with gold Krylon.

This is for Freya's friend, who'll be 7 tomorrow. Obviously, her name is Charlotte! In it is a hand knitted scarf from that lovely fluffy wool that's around.

Papers are 3 Bugs in a Rug. The patterned flower is cut using a Sizzix die. Lettering is Curly Girlie alphas from Ellison. Bloom from Sarah's Cards.


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