Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What a day!

Today has been a day and a half!!!

Firstly we had our dentist appointment at 4pm. Will and the kids for a check up and me for the results of my x-ray and absess that I got from 'eating' a stone!

Freya sat in the chair on her own without whinging or cringing. I was so proud of her when she opened up the biggest mouth I've ever seen to let him look at her teeth - my gorgeous 8 year old with perfectly healthy and clean teeth was given a clean bill of health.

Me next..... oh deep joy!!!! Freya was in the room with me so on came my 'brave mummy' persona (oh how well I hid my true feelings - I was shitting myself inside!!!!) He asked how the tooth was now and was pleased that I hadn't needed painkillers since Sunday and that I'd completed the course of the antibiotics (HE was pleased...?! I was bloody ecstatic!!!!!!!) The x-ray hasn't shown up a fracture in the tooth roots, very much to my absolute relief as that would have meant the tooth was coming straight out. The tooth has suffered some trauma as a result of the stone incident though. I will have to keep an eye on it as he can't tell what's going on under the crown as the x-rays can't penetrate through it. There is now a slight movement of the tooth in my jaw though. I have to go straight back if I get any more pain there for further investigation. I have so much confidence in my dentist as he is not one of those that you hear all the gory stories about that just drill, fill or pull for the sake of it. We're keeping our fingers crossed that all has now settled down. He even (very cheekily) asked if I will still eat muesli - after correcting him and telling him the correct cereal was actually Jordans Oat Crunch and not any old rabbit food muesli - I answered "Yeah! I love that for breakfast, I'll just make sure I eat it on the other side of my mouth!!" Especially for a while until I'm feeling brave again. I have yet to eat anything much on the left side of my mouth, and haven't been able to do so since I bit on the stone, as even now it's very sensitive to pressure but that will hopefully settle down again. My face will be getting all lop-sided soon if I'm not careful!!!!

Will next.... perfect bill of health (the git!!!)

Then Jacob..... hmmmm 13 year old boys and cleaning their teeth properly???.....errr I don't think so!!!! Thankfully the dentist told him exactly what I'd been telling him for ages, that he needs to clean them properly as he has a build up of plaque around his gum lines, especially on his bottom teeth (yes, he did 'clean' his teeth prior to his appointment, in the toilets of the dentist's surgery to be precise - my point was proven beyond doubt or question!!) Ha! 1-0 to mum!

The other news today... not so good.

Dad picks Freya up from school for us so that I can work full time as both him and mum are retired. It also means that they get to see their only grandaughter every day for an hour or so. They did the same for Jacob (only grandson) for us when he was in the infants and junior school. So, dad collects Freya and they're walking together back to the car when dad has a fall - flat on his face and chest!!!!! You have to realise here that my dad is 71 years old. Has had a triple heart bypass in the 1990's and still has angina and had a knee replacement a couple of years back! He now has a split lip and a very sore chest but his concern is for Freya and to collect Jacob from his school too and then to meet me at the dentist. Now dad, being dad didn't have his mobile with him to call either mum or myself so becomes even more concerned that he needs to 'stick to the arrangements' that have been made.

He walks the kids up to where I've parked and it's only then that I see his fat, bloody lip and ask what he's done when he tells me he's had a little fall (he didn't mention his ribs at this point!) I could have cried there and then, I was already stressed about the dentist and found it difficult not to break down there and then in the street (normally I'm a pretty stable kind of gal!) I told him I'd take him to the doctor's surgery but he insisted he was fine. He would ring them when he got home but had decided not to tell mum - I managed to convince him that with his lip looking like that she might just realise he'd done something!!!!

4 dentist appointments and a dentist bill later, we call into mum and dad's to see how he is only to find that they've got a neighbour to take him to the doctors as mum had called and managed to get him an emergency appointment. Finally he gets home at 5.30pm. He has been seen by the Doctor, has had an ECG, reflex tests, had his heart, chest and ribs checked out. Checked to see if he can push with equal strength with both arms (to rule out a stroke). Has been instructed not to drive until the results of an MRI scan that they've requested comes through. The Doctor was fantastic dad said. Thanks Doc, you're a star!

Sorry dad, I couldn't help but cry and upset you too when you came home and I gave you a hug. You're my dad and I love both you and mum so much. I couldn't imagine anything happening to either of you and you scared me. You are the hero in my babies lives, you make them laugh and show them limitless love. You are a truly fabulous grandad to them both. xxx


Janice said...

Oh what a scary day Rosie. Hugs to you all and an extra one for your Dad, as he sounds lovely. I might have to come and borrow him.

Janice XXX

Karen said...

Oh wonder you were so upset darling. Have a good sleep, he will be feeling a lot better in a day or two. Hugs XXX

Deanne said...

honey - hugs -
i'm sure honest he will be fine, he is shaken too remember :) lots more love and attention for a while. xxxxx

Gez said...

Sending you big cyber hugs Rosie & loving thoughts. What a shock for you & your family. XXX


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