Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I've been published again!

Only on the letters page like last time, but still..... I'm in a mag. Scrapbook Magazine to be precise. Unlike Scrapbook Inspirations where I knew my LO was going to be printed up, this came as a complete surprise to me when I got a text message from Steph who had received her subsciption copy in the post. I was on such a high until the episode with my dad brought me back down with a bump! My copy was waiting on the doormat for me to get home.

Issue 35, Page 11, titled 'Keep it Simple' . This is the layout that was published.


Karen said...

oooo ooooo ooooooo girl!!!!! You are getting your name out there...excellent news XXX

Terrie B x said...

Yah Way to go Rosie..I`m not surprised cos your LO is just `Gorgeous`..hope your well sweetie:)~x~

Deanne said...

woo hoo :) gorgeous layout, lovely white space :) x

Gez said...


They love your white space! It is most fabby especially your doodling. Congrats to Freya too. XX

You were so brave at the dentists as well. Well done, honey. XX

Linda said...

Well done Rosie - it's a lovely LO and deserves to be there x

Beth said...

Congratulations on your LO being published Rosie. It's well deserved and is so pretty and feminine and really catches the eye straight away.

Reading the paragraph about the dental visits, in particular to Jacobs.......well, it was just like reading about Martyn. We had exactly the same problem a couple of weeks ago.....not cleaning teeth up of plaque on top AND bottom LOL. To top it all, when I met both Si and Martyn at the dentist, Martyn had cleaned his teeth and used a disclosing tablet prior to cleaning before his appointment, LOL.......and he's 14 tomorrow.

Hope your Dad is on the mend, he sounds so much like the way my Dad was with Martyn. XX


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