Saturday, 28 April 2007

Am I becoming a closet scrapbooker?

I don't normally do scrapbooking, mainly preferring to make cards, but after completing the Bubbly Funk April Kit, I'm in a bit of a scrapping mood, so I sat down on Thursday night to do one layout. Three layouts later I'd finished for the night! These are my creations.....

This photo was taken on holiday in 2005 at the butterfly farm near Workspo, Nottinghamshire. Freya loved that little duck despite being a little scared to hold it at the beginning. We nearly had an extra little one in the car on the way back!

These photos of Jacob were taken on holiday last year at the top of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. We can't believe just how grown up he looks in these - and oh, so handsome too!

Think Maisy looks so lovely in these photos - she is such a lovely dog. Very good temperament, especially when a certain two (pictured above) pester her something chronic at times! I especially love the close up photo of her asleep. It's a hard life being a dog, don't ya know!

Friday, 27 April 2007

I've been tagged!

Thanks Hazel ( you tagged me, so here is my reply...

You have to do seven fact/habits about yourself then tag another seven people.

1. I am a qualified Driving Instructor although I no longer teach.

2. I have appeared with my daughter, Freya, on the Mother and Baby website due to a rare illness in her pregnancy.

3. I have met the Queen.

4. I met Will, my husband, when I was 16.

5. I hate flying.

6. I no longer have my wisdom teeth! (Explains a lot HEE HEE!)

7. I don't suffer fools lightly!

Right then, I'm tagging Caroline, DiW (Crazy Daisy), DiO, Kathy, Sam, Kaz and Rachel. Over to you ladies...

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Bubbly Funk April Scrapbook Kit

Not normally known as a scrapbooker but I just had to have a go with the contents of the Bubbly Funk April Scrapbook Kit, as it looked sooo scrummy! Apart from the photographs of my two little lovlies I used the contents of the kit (substiting my own slightly larger eyelets for the the ones in the kit though as the little ones kept getting stuck under my finger nails and it was either cut my nails or use my bigger ones........ Stay in the drawer you bad nail clippers!!!!!)

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Bubbly Funk Notebook Swap

I seem to have so much crafting to do at the mo, but so little time to do it. I did manage a few hours last night though and decorated my A5 notebook for the Bubbly Funk Notebook Swap. Our subject was 'Summer' and this is what some poor, unsuspecting soul is going to receive in return for their masterpiece! LOL

Enjoyed this doing this one so much though that I bought another 4 A5 spiral bound notebooks when I went to Asda earlier - at 55p each they are an absolute bargain, don't ya think? ;-)

A-Z of Christmas {I}

It was my turn this week to post the Christmas A-Z on Bubbly Funk. My letter was {I} so I chose Ivy as it is often used with Holly as a Christmas Decoration around the home, being an evergreen. You can see the fab work of the Design Team members {here} . Not only on a Christmas A-Z but we also have an Inspiration A-Z running too.

I am a cheeky, lazy cow! (Says Will!)

Just been caught by Will for posting some of his photos onto my blog that he actually took and not me (HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA)

So.... to give credit where credit is due, Will took some of the photos of Housesteads and of Tynemouth Priory!

Thanks for letting me publish them Will!!!!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Easter Sunday - Tynemouth Priory

Sunday took us to to Tynemouth Priory and Castle ruins. Still dramatic in it's sillhouette against the backdrop of a beautiful blue spring sky, don't you think?

Just going to add some images for you to view here. Well worth a visit for those who have never been if you're ever up north!

Easter Saturday - Housesteads Roman Fort & Hexham

Saturday saw us visit Housesteads Roman Fort. Bloody cold and windy up there, must have been truly awful in the winter months before our toasty modern warm clothing. Here are couple of photos of the kids taken up there...

For those that don't know, Housesteads is situation on Hadrian's Wall, a bit of which is shown here...

From there we found a lovely pub for some well earned food YUMMY! And then into Hexham. The dogs loved it off their leads in the park while the kids had a play.

Found some beautiful bluebells and just had this left hand image in my head which looks like this in photographic form.....

Freya took some real convincing to have her photo taken until I told her it was for her scrapbook that I'm doing for her. You would not believe just how many photos she wanted taking then, so here's a couple more....

Managed to get a few lovely shots of the kids together, but this one is definately my fave of the three of them ...... Jacob, Freya and Daniel

I am a lazy blogger, I am a lazy blogger.......!!!

I must repeat this line 1000 times as punishment for being so lax with my blog - especially as Caroline sweetly puts it "Have to say though, I am amazed that knowing how much you like to talk, you do not chat on your Blog very often.......... " Hmmmpppphhhhh!

Not quite sure where the time has gone recently, what with work, orders for cards, catching up with the Bubbly Funk forum chatterboxes and everyone's lovely blogs, seems to have left little time to do my own. Well ladies and gentlemen, tonight's your lucky night! Brace yourself, sit back, relax and have a laugh on me.......

We spent Easter in Newcastle with our friends, Sam, Carl and Daniel whilst finally getting to meet the new addition to their family - Snowy the rescue dog. Not quite sure what she made of our Maisy as, although she's 3 now, she wants to play almost constantly and couldn't quite fathom out why the aloof girl that Snowy is, wasn't interested!

Normally Will drives to Newcastle but he'd decided it was Megan's weekend away too, and as she's MY CAR I drove. Bloody traffic on the A1 at Scotch Corner was backed up for 4 miles so, in anticipation of this, we went A19 instead. Great road, no hold ups and actually managed to knock 35 minutes off the sat nav's ETA - until we hit the queue for the Tyne Tunnel - 40 bloody minutes sitting in sodding traffic!!!! Buggered my race against the sat nav right out of the window GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Funny thing was that we were sitting in the traffic queue next to this car with a couple of young blonde lovelies inside. Will was dead impressed that they kept looking over in his direction and smiling - UNTIL I pointed out that Maisy was sitting on his knee at that point and that they were eyeing up my dog, NOT my husband HAHAHAHAH! Don't ya just love the power of the female put downs ;)

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Freycob's website is up and running

I've been working on building myself a website. After many hours (and several very late nights) learning how to actually build a website from scratch, I'm quite pleased with the initial results. Having never done one before I am surprised how relatively easy it was to do, albeit time consuming!!

My next project is to design Freycob's logo and make a banner (no doubt with Will's help here) and upload that here and onto the website. Anyone with the knowledge on how to do this, please feel free to let me know.

Would love to know what you think about the website along with any comments you can make regarding improvements that could be made...

Sunday, 1 April 2007

It's April already!!!

Where does the time go? Can't believe it's April 1st today! Is it a sign of getting old do you think? When I was little it was at least a thousand days between one Christmas and the next, now it's more like a thousand hours! Must be the difference between just getting pressies and having earn the money to buy them!

Dad's birthday later this month - can't believe he's going to be 70 this year! Saying that, at the end of October, so's mum! Strange how your parents don't seem to get old even though you know that you do.

They both do a great job for us - they have the kids each day after school and during the school holidays - just wish the little buggers wouldn't argue as much and wind their grandparents up! They are the only two grandchildren even though I'm the youngest of four. Think the other 3 have more sense than me at times! (Only joking, love the kids really!) Will is the youngest of 3 and the only one with kids. He must have inherited the stupid gene too haha!

Honestly though, I think my kids are absolutely fantastic and love them to bits. We are so proud of everything that they achieve - a real credit to us.

No April Fools jokes played on us today - think that Jacob forgot to be honest, so that's why Freya didn't play any either as her wind up merchant of a brother didn't tell her to!

Took the kids to East Carlton Park this afternoon while the chicken was cooking but forgot to take the camera. The weather was lovely again, blue skies and only a slight chill in the breeze - roll on summer!!!!!


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