Thursday, 22 January 2009

Toofy peg update - no.1

I managed to get through the weekend fuelled mainly by copious amounts of pain killers (yay for the invention of Ibuprofen and Co-Codamol is all I can say!)

Monday: Rang the dentist for an emergency appointment, could not fit me in until the following morning.

Tuesday: Woke up totally 'bricking it' in fear of what my 9am appointment would hold and what my dentist would say. To say I was a tad nervous was such an understatement. Deep breathing and swallowing that gagging sickly feeling down a-plenty! I take the stone with me to show the dentist and explain the story, then it's into the chair. It moves back far too quickly for my liking so that he could have a look inside my mouth at the offending tooth. I would have put that experience off until eternity if I could have. (Tears weren't far from the surface of my eyes at this point!!) He looked, checking that all my teeth are still whole and that it's not broken a piece off. I'd told him that they were all present and correct and indeed they were as were all my fillings. So that's a good thing right?

Well yes, but no! The action of biting down hard on the stone has caused trauma to the nerve of my tooth which has been slowly dying over the past few weeks and has indeed caused an absess in the gum which is causing the pain that I've got. I pleaded not to have anti-biotics because of my stomach, but I was told that I need to get the infection cleared as soon as possible to prevent further problems. So I'm now on Amoxycillin 500mg, 3 times daily. My dentist has also x-rayed the site of the trauma to see whether it caused a fracture in the tooth/root below the gumline.

I have to go back next Wednesday afternoon to get the results of the x-ray and to see whether my week long anti-biotics have worked and destroyed the beasties lurking under my gum.

If the absess has gone then all well and good, but because the nerve will have died, it may come back at some point in the future in which case the process would be repeated and may then lead to the tooth being pulled - lovely!! A nice, big molar and subsequently a nice big gap!!! The other alternative is that he would have to perform root canal treatment again (see my post of 28th Feb 2008 when I last had it done to replace a broken filling).

So far it's cost me - Ibuprofen, Co-Codamol, £16.20 for an x-ray and £7.10 for the prescription. Not to mention the hours of pain, stress and the partial sleepless nights I've endured to date and continue to experience.

On a plus side, I had a comment left on my original blog post from a lovely man called David from Jordans Cereals advising me to send the stone with a letter and the packet back to them for them to investigate. How's that for excellent service? They've come to me!!!! I'm not going to do anything until I've been back to the dentist next Wednesday and know exactly what's going on in my gum though. As the stone incident happened during the Christmas break, Will has thrown the original packet out - the donut!!!! Luckily I still have the manufacturing code and date details from it written down in the little baggy that I've got the stone in.

Keep ya posted....


sewsimple said...

Rosie be careful with Ibuprofen as I am not allowed to take it with my tummy problems
See you Saturday!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Me!!!!!what a bummer ...(cant take tabs cos of tummy:()I do hope your feeling better soon ..
Enjoy your weekend:)~X~

Karen said...

Lots of fingers crossed for you my darling XXXXX

Gez said...

Aaarh, Rosie. I'm cringing in my seat for you with my molars tightly clenched. GOOD LUCK on Weds. Fingers & everything else crossed.
Gez. xx


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