Saturday, 10 January 2009

House guest

Will, Jacob, Freya and myself have had a lovely house guest over the last 24 hours.

Kirsty was down on a 'secret mission' locally and so came to visit and stay with us. The kids adored her from the off! Freya even told her of her 'secret' she keeps hidden (Kirsty, you know what that is!) Oh boy did we laugh when she came out with that little gem!

Friday night is no-cook night so it was off to the pub for tea. No Diet Coke at the pub I'm afraid and the replacement Pepsi made you bleugh, gag, cough! Sorry, now you know why I don't order it at the pub - there really is NO alternative to the proper Diet Coke ya know!

We talked into the wee small hours, laughed out loud until we almost wet ourselves, shared stories and secrets too. I have to admit, Will was in his element - can you imagine... one Nikon photo nut talking to an equally knowledgeable Nikon photo nut. I could feel the technical talk whooshing straight over my head!

When Kirsty FINALLY emerged out of her slumber this morning (and only just this morning!!!!) we sat around chatting and playing several word games with the kids. One of which went like this...

My Granny went to the shops and bought:
An Apple
A Baboon
A Caterpillar
A Dronkey (half donkey, half dragon as per Shrek)
An Enormous Elephant
A Fart (thanks for that little gem Kirsty, it's now Freya's fave word!)
A Galaxy
airy old man
An Indian
Jolly hockey sticks
A Kangaroo
A Lighthouse
A Microscope
A Nincompoop
An Oscar statue
A Pink bra (err..... Jacob....?!)
A Queen
Copyright to the word Ridiculous (guess who this wierd one came from?)
Santa's Sleigh
A Train Track
A pair of Underpants (Freya's choice!)
Very Volcanic Visuvias
Wee Willy Winky
Xanthum gum (Jacob! Where did this come from?)
Yappity Yappity Yap
Zany Zebras on Zinc

After finally getting dressed (and I'm talking almost 3pm by this point - lazy moo LOL!) Kirsty took some gorgeous photos of Freya and Jacob for us. They're on Will's computer at the mo, but I'll upload a couple to show you later. (I do have Kirsty's permission to use her images, btw).

It really has been such a lovely 24 hours spent with a lovely, lovely lady. Thanks for coming down sweetie, we all can't wait for next time.

Oh and I have the most gorgeous 'special preview' card that she made me. I'll check to see if I can show you it or not.


Gez said...

WOW, what a wonderful surprise for you all! Looks like you all had a fab time.

Loved your ABC game, my jaw is aching with smiling at your lovely post. Can't wait to see your card Rosie.

(Just wondering if you received my email Friday???)

Deanne said...

so pleased you had a wonderful weekend honey :) xxx

Anonymous said...

`Wow` you guys look like you had the best fun!!!!Fab piccies Rosie...TFS:)~X~

Janice said...

How lovely for you Rosie. Can't wait to see the pics.

Sam said...

glad you all had a fabby time!!

Stephanie Parsloe said...


Karen said...

Awe looks like you all had a fab time...wish I had been there too XXX


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