Sunday, 11 January 2009

So sad!

We received a phone call from my Brother In Law last night. My sister has had her dog, Katie, for over 15 years and finally had to make the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep on Friday night. She has battled through so much for such a little dog, especially in the recent months.

I remember such a funny time when Jacob was a new born in his moses basket. Katie was only a little Jack Russell and was so curious to see what was in this moses basket in my parent's living room. She did the best impression of a mere cat you ever imagine! Sitting up so straight on her back legs making herself tall enough to try and see over the side of the basket. Jacob was only a couple of weeks old at this point and moved and made the basket rustle. OMG!!!!! How quick did the 'big brave' Katie run away like a scalded cat!!!!! She HATED that basket and the sound it made by the 'unknown' creature inside that made it squeak when it moved.

She was such a fantastic comfort to my sister over all of these years, being there for her during the happy and the extremely sad and difficult times that she encountered. Without Katie as her comfort, life would have been so much more difficult for her. She stayed with 'grandma and grandad' while Anita served for 6 months in Bosnia, so you can imagine how close we all were to the little pooch. They were such a fantastic team - totally inseparable and totally adored each other.

Katie wasn't too tolerant of our Maisy. By the time Maisy came to the family, Katie was 10 and in no mood for silly puppy games! They soon came to get on though, Maisy calmed down around her and Katie got used to her being around.

How many dogs do you know that come to their mummy's wedding? Well Katie did just that in October 2007 when Anita married Steve. It must have been such a surreal sight, bride in her dress, groom in his uniform both walking their dogs round the streets of Stamford after the wedding service and photos were taken. That's Katie on the left. Her playmate Woody is on the right.

Oh how we're all going to miss that little dog. Anita more than anyone else. She has made such an impact on the whole family; our mum & dad, my sister, brother, Will, myself and the kids. There were many tears shed in our house last night. It's the first time Freya has experienced a loss so close to home. It's breaking my heart to see her so sad. Jacob has that bit more understanding due to his age, but neither have ever known Aunty Anita without Katie by her side.

No more pain, no more suffering, just endless walks in the park for Katie now. And NO MORE squeaky moses baskets either! Be at peace Katie. xxx


Gez said...

Awe, Bless. This is such sad news. My thoughts & prayers are with you all.
There are no words that will ease the pain of your loss at this moment in time. I still miss my dog that died 15 years ago. Sometimes there are special souls that come into your life & leave footprints all over your heart.
Remember the good times with a smile & may be find some way of remembering her.
We built a little rememberance rockery is the back garden. A quite place to go & reflect.

Sending you all great big hugs.
Gez. xx

Deanne said...

aw i'm choked :( hugs to everyone :( x

Anonymous said...

Aw so sorry for your Loss:(It`s leaves such a void....

Janice said...

Sorry to hear about your sister's dog, Rosie. I know how I felt when we had ours put down a few years ago. Definitely worse than for the cat.

Sam said...

sorry to hear about Katie. sending loads of hugs down to you all. especially to Anita and Steve

Karen said...

So so sorry to read about little Katie. There will always be a special place in your heart for her XXX


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