Sunday, 11 January 2009

It's a windy one here!

What's your weather like tonight? It's blowing up a bit of a hoolie here! I HATE the strong winds. Makes me worry about the roof tiles. Am i just a worry wort or do others feel like that?!

I think it stems back to when Will used to work shifts - we always lost roof or ridge tiles when I was on my own at home or with the kids, he never seemed to be there when the crashing started, especially if it were a windy night and he was night shift. There is a disadvantage living on a hill I can tell you! We won't flood but we may just blow away.

Offers of lead boots gratefully received!

1 comment:

Gez said...

Hee hee, it's not funny Rosie I know. We are the same being high up, no chance of flooding, but the wind does sound scarey tonight.

My DH leaves for work at 5am & if I'm awake when he leaves I can never get back to sleep for listening for noises & I always leave a light on.

What are we like. LOL

Fingers crossed, there's no damage tonight.


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