Monday, 29 January 2007

Got a new job!

Started my new job today.

Left the Accountants on Friday - why do I get so bloody emotional at times? It's only a bloody job for goodness sake!!!!

Small, family company. Great first day - off to the pub with the owner's wife for lunch then back in the office for 10 minutes before buggering off for the next hour and a half to take Clio on her final journey - with my new boss following behind in case the heap of Renault crap died on her arse mid journey AGAIN! At least with him behind me, if she did die and I had to put the hazard lights on quickly he would know why and would hold the traffic back behind me to prevent any stupid people driving into the back of my car!

Guess what? Yup drove all the way there without a hitch - bloody typical eh?

Got back into the office at 4.10pm - finished at 5pm!!!

Every day won't be the same - would get pretty bored pretty quickly if it was though! LOVE a challenge and to be busy.

Got to get my wellies, high visibility coat etc. sorted - how sexy!!!!!! Can you imagine me in a short skirt and wellies? ERRRR I don't think so - am very girly - like my skirts and high heels. What a sight I'm gonna look.

Coupled with that I'm only 5ft 1 and a bit inches and will have his company Mitsubishi L200 truck when they're on holiday - what a bloody laugh that's gonna be, me climbing into that monster truck!!!! Anyone got a step ladder they can lend me?

Bye Bye Clio!!

She's gone! Clio has left the building!!

Drove her to the garage for the last time today - took her over again on Saturday as the starting problem was still not sorted. (Only been in 6 times!) Advised not to waste any more money on it as the ECU (car's computer) has gone possibly as a result of a wiring problem - it blew a pair of rear light clusters last year. I could have spent the £700 getting her repaired but they're not confident that it will solve all her problems in the long term, so had to make the decision to let her go.

Had looked at another car on Saturday which I had arranged to pick up tonight on a 24 hour test drive so that Will can have a look at her and a drive to see what he thinks.

Went for a look around the local garages on Sunday afternoon - been offered between £2000-2500 for her without them knowing the car's history. The garage I've been to has offered me £2250 and knows the history of the car - so think I've got a fairly good deal as he's putting it straight into auction - he obviously won't be wasting his money on it either!

Sooooo, I'm getting rid of a very unreliable and (now) dangerous Renault Clio that cuts out at 60mph in the 3rd lane of a very busy road when I had the kids in the back of the car yesterday afternoon, to get.......? A Renault Megane!!! Am I mad getting another Renault? Bloody hope not!

This new car is top spec and a fabulous price - SOOOOO lurverly to drive - remote keyless locking (you can have the key thingy in your pocket and when you pull the handle the doors open - how cool is that?!), glass panoramic room, 6 disc multi CD changer, automatic lights and wipers.

Took her out for a good drive tonight down the country lanes to see how she handled and along the A14 to see what she's like at speed - yup she can speed alright!

Will took her out for a drive too and he's pretty impressed.

So, off back to the garage to part with some ££££££ and to take my MOT certificate and Log Book over tomorrow. Won't be sorry to see her go. Sorry and all that Clio but you have been an absolute pain in the arse since the beginning of November. So see ya round babe! Have a good life - what's left in you!

Hello Megane!!!!!!! Me and you are gonna do some miles together baby!

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Car update!

Well, it was off to the local Renault specialist this morning for the verdict on the car. Wasn't allowed to have the kids in the car with me - they went in Will's car and also wasn't allowed to drive down the A14 'just in case the bloody thing dies @ 70mph', so we went the other route to the garage. Not started the car since Monday evening, and guess what? Yup bloody thing started first time and drove like a dream to the garag - typical eh?

They plugged her into the CLIP machine (a very expensive laptop) and found 3 faults - one relating to the battery, one to the glow plugs and the final one to the glow plug relay. These are the three things that I've had replaced recently due to the problems. They cleared the faults and then Will took her round the block before she was plugged back in again.

YAY!!!!!!!! No faults found (won't be holding my breath though!) They're 90% sure that the recent problems of cutting out are due to historical data being stored in the car's computer rather than new or any other faults, and that the car is cutting out to prevent further damage.

Renault main dealer charge for this test? £85.00!
Renault specialist charge for an identical test? £41.13!!
Guess which one I went to? No prizes for guessing, sorry!!!

Main dealer had told me that it was probably the ECU (main computer) that needed replacing at a cost of just short of £700. Think I've just got off very lightly, don't you?

Sainsbury's shopping on the way home - what a boring life I lead! How can a family of 4 spend £130 on food!!?? Well there was £20 of lager in there for Will, so I suppose that explains some of it.

One of Will's colleagues is getting married on 14th February (Valentine's Day - how romantic) so I've made his card this afternoon - was in the swing of making wedding cards so ended up making a batch of 6 in total, all around the same colour theme. Am pleased with them so will have to get them photographed and uploaded onto my gallery tomorrow.

Am meant to be finishing my Self Assessment instead of blogging, but it's too late now so I'm off to bed as I'm yawning my head off!

See you soon.


Monday, 15 January 2007

Describe your personality in a paragraph or two...

Well, thanks for the challenge with this one Caroline! Here goes.......

I am feisty by character and can be too quick at times to react to situations. I've a good sense of humour and am always up for a laugh. I am a very loyal friend and a loving wife and mother. A real homebird at heart. On a negative point, I have opened myself up to others too freely in the past and have been hurt deeply as a result. I can forgive but I never forget. I don't suffer fools lightly and expect as much from as others as I expect from myself - sometimes leading to disappointment.

I love to be challenged and hate to be bored. I am creative but not artistic. I love who I am and would not change myself for the world - I am true to myself and to those around me whom I love dearly.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Ooh, that bloody car of mine!!!!

Don't you just hate intermittent faults? Every time you go to the bloody garage she drives like a dream - bit like toothache and the dentist!

Clio cut out on me on a very large roundabout on Friday morning on the way to work. Luckily I managed to coast her off the roundabout, quickly put on my hazard warning lights and get her far enough away from the junction so as not to cause too much of a problem behind me. Took quite a few attempts to get her started but finally managed it and was off on my way again a few minutes later. Until she decided to cut out again very shortly afterwards - again managed to get her to a safe place to stop and got her going again. She did this another two times in the next couple of miles to work.

Started first time in the car park at work to come home. Managed to get through the dreaded roundabout without a hitch. Up to 70mph without a stutter or a problem but then I had to wait at a red traffic light to enter the next roundabout - and yup, you guessed it - she died again, this time with a rather large lorry up my bum! Loads of beeping from other drivers stuck behind me, the traffic light changed to red. Got her started and managed to get going again, next two sets of traffic lights were on green - great, fingers crossed let me through - YES!!!! on my way home - NOT!!! Bloody thing died again! Managed to coast to a stop far enough away from the lights so as not to cause a problem to those behind but couldn't go too far as I was running out of streetlights and was about to enter 3 miles of very dark dual carriageway. So I stopped just under the last streetlight, got out and rang Will - my knight in shining armour! He borrowed a tow rope, came out to get me (wow was it windy and cold standing outside my car waiting for him on Friday night).

Will got into my car - she starts first time! I follow him home in his car - and yes, you guessed it, she drove home purring like a cat! Like I said, don't you just HATE intermittent faults??!!

So I took her out shopping yesterday - started first time, every time, and not a problem in sight!

Going to ring the garage to get her booked in to be looked at to be given the (no doubt scary) news of what is wrong with her and how much it's going to cost me. Me thinks it ain't gonna be cheap!

Will went on a test run to work on his bike today - 27 minutes door to door and he doesn't cycle slowly!! Would have taken me a couple of hours! LOL So in the morning he's off on his bike along a very busy road and in the dark - I am NOT happy about him cycling it at all!!!! But needs must for the moment - will have to try and get her fixed asap.

Saturday, 6 January 2007

New venture on the horizon

Well, decided before Christmas to change my job so handed my notice in on the Tuesday before as I have to work 3 months notice - had an original leaving date of 16th March. Good news though, they have managed to get a replacement that can start immediately. So, after a 2 week handover starting next Monday I leave on Friday 26th January. I start my new exciting challenge on Monday 29th, just in time for my birthday on Friday 2nd February.
Typed up and sent letters to my clients this afternoon telling them about the change of staff, so they should all know tomorrow morning.
On my way home from work (via the country lane from the village) I came across an accident involving a work colleague who was still in her car and who ended up being taken to hospital on a spinal board and stretcher (as was the other driver). Pretty sure she'll be ok, but it won't have done her bad back any good whatsoever!! Both cars are written off and in a right mess too. Could have been so much worse. Luckily it wasn't. I stayed with her until the ambulance left to take her to hospital (wow was it cold out tonight!)
As we equally share the payroll workload, I'm off in 2 weeks time, and not sure when/if she'll be back, I am now not sure about what will happen with work. They could potentially have only one inexperienced person to process the practice payrolls and they need two experienced people, so that just won't work! The partners have been trying to persuade me to stay since I resigned and have admitted that they really don't want to lose me. Talk about timing...! I'll have to see what they say tomorrow. Luckily my new employer would wait for me for a little while as they weren't expecting me until March anyway and I don't want to let anyone down. Does that make me mad / gullible / stupid or just a glutton for punishment??
Am now very confused as I have a new job to go to but will feel guilty if I leave my current employer in the shit! WHY ME????!!! Wish I was ruthless and heartless at times then this would be a very easy decision to make. But I'm not I'm a softy who doesn't like to let anyone down.
Will keep you posted on what happens (when I know what is happening that is!!!)

Will - the Birthday boy!!

This is Will with the kids on his birthday this week. The cake is Carrot and Orange - looks yummy, shame I can't eat it though (I've got a wheat intolerance) so I had some chocolate to help him celebrate - it would have been rude not to celebrate his birthday, don't you think!!!??

My gorgeous children...

Intoducing Jacob and Freya - my handsome son and my beautiful daughter!

One of the few pictures that they let me take of them together, glad they did though because they both look so happy on it!

Meet Maisy

This is my pooch - Maisy.
She's a gorgeous Westie who'll be 3 on 28th February. Waited years to get my dog and so glad we've got her. She has a fanastic temperament and is great with the kids. Even though they do bug the life out of her at times!!!! May let her have a litter of pups in the next year or so (just finished her first season of this year).

Friends and family think I'm mad because I put a pair of Freya's old knickers on her to stop her making a mess in the house - wouldn't dare embarras her by making her go walkies while still wearing them though!!!

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Friday, 5 January 2007

End of the first week back at work in 2007

It's Friday and the end of the first working week of 2007 - YAY!!!

Had a busy 4 days back at work! Problem solving as well as the normal stuff.

Have a little competition running between the kids - the best behaved gets a prize on Sunday (just haven't decided on what the prize is yet). Freya is like an angel - gets up, makes her bed, folds her pyjamas, gets ready for school, gives loads of kisses and cuddles and tells you she loves you. Jacob on the other hand is a bit noncholant - would rather slob about and let me or Will make his bed, fold his clothes, empty the dishwasher etc!!! LOL! Is every 11 year old boy the same - or is it just mine? He's trying to tell her that the prize is only 2p so not worth being so much of a goody two shoes for. Mmmmmmmm sounds like an excuse to be his normal self to me!

Honestly though, even when he's not on form he's still a fab son to have and we are very proud of both our children.

Will was 42 on Wednesday - unfortunately for him he was back at work but I did buy him a carrot and orange cake and we put candles on it for him. I will have to download the photos and post them for you all to see the "old" man HAHA!

Monday, 1 January 2007

The old man!

Have added another link to the bottom of my page - follow it to Will the Chameleon - better known as my hubby!!

My crafting connection

I'm part of a team of designers for an online craft shop. To find out more follow the Bubbly Funk link at the bottom of my page. Here you'll find loads of great crafty bits and pieces, a gallery of members' fabulous work, a forum and a chat room. We are a really friendly bunch so why not have a mosey on over and join us?

I was lucky enough to be asked to spend two days demonstrating at the NEC on 9th & 10th November last year. Fabulous time had by all - if not a little sore on the old feet standing all day. Not a problem with the talking all day for me - it comes naturally!!!!!

New Years Day 2007

Today is the first day of 2007.
Last night, we tucked the kids safely into bed before the fireworks would prevent them sleeping like the angels they are at times (other times they can be, well.........not angels!) We didn't have any plans for the New Year, so about 11pm we both snuggled down in bed with a book each - I'm reading Gloria Hunniford's book "Next to Me" about her daugher, Caron Keating's brave and difficult struggle against cancer. Will, on the other hand, is reading Peter Kay's autobiography "The Sound of Laughter". So while I'm reading about Caron's struggle to hold on to life, he chuckles at bits in his book beside me!
The fireworks started about 11pm and on the stroke of midnight the volume and light show increased dramatically, as we knew they would. I spent the stroke of midnight tightly encased in my husband's arms - the safest place I could ever be, with the only man I've ever loved. A perfect start to 2007!!
Despite promising ourselves we wouldn't have a lay in, we both slept in until 10am. We're both back at work tomorrow so it's going to be a real struggle to get up tomorrow morning to make sure Jacob and Freya are ready to be dropped off to my parents for the day before I head off to work.
Will went on a 15 mile bike ride round the local villages and into the valley this morning while the kids played together and I got round to making his card for his 42nd birthday on Wednesday. Can't believe this is the man I've known and loved since he was only 19 - where do the years go to? Which gets me round to thinking - it's only a month until I'm 39 which means............ only 13 months until I'm 40 - AARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!


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