Sunday, 18 January 2009

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I am in PAIN!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was eating my all time fave brekkie - Jordan's Crunchy Oats when I bit down on something rather hard. Now, what goes through your mind is OMG!! I've broken a tooth / a filling has come out. But no.... this was stone in my cereals. I've still got the stone wrapped up in a post it note on my desk, and am now very tempted to write them a letter and send it back to them with a complaint!

It really put a shock wave right through my back tooth and through my jaw. Since then my tooth has been playing up a little but nothing to make an emergency appointment over. As we're due a check up I was going to mention it to the dentist then.


Thursday last week it was giving a bit of jip. Friday it was worse and Friday night it was really sore. Ibuprofen took care of it though. Yesterday I was in absolute bloody agony with it. I'd dosed myself up with 24 hours of Ibuprofen within 8 hours but without any relief. I rang the emergency dentist at 5pm who basically told me to rinse my mouth with salt water and ring them at 9.30 this morning as they were closed for the day. Thanks for all your help love!!!!!! By this time I was in absolute tears with the pain and knew I couldn't have any more painkillers. So a call to good old NHS Direct and a lovely Dental Nurse later I was advised to get to a pharmacy and get myself some Cocodamol as this can be taken along side Ibuprofen. YAY!!! She was my saviour last night, I can tell you. She thinks I have an absess (never had one of those before and never want one again, that's for sure!)

The only downside was that due to taking more painkillers I had to eat and that was NOT an easy task. I was in pain with just swallowing saliva or sipping water let along trying to eat. I managed to have a small amount of tea but not until the tablets had started to kick in. Two more before bedtime and I was zonked. I resisted taking more through the night but was really ready for some come this morning.

She also advised me to try and get through today without seeing the emergency dentist as they would probably only give me antibiotics. With the problems I've had with my stomach over the last (almost) 5 years these are the last things that I need as I'm only just getting back to normal food wise after a month long prescribed dose of pro-biotics. She recommended I ring my dentist on Monday morning and see him, and to be honest, that's a much better option in my book. I really trust my own dentist.

Today's painkiller rota goes something like this.... 2 x Cocodamol, 3-4 hours later 2 x Ibuprofen, 3-4 hours later 2 x Cocodamol....... That way I can have continuous pain relief (well almost!) without overdosing myself. Hopefully enough to last me until I can get to my dentist.

I'll keep you informed how I get on, wish me luck! I had root canal treatment and a crown last year on the right hand side of my mouth, will it be de ja vue on the left this year.......?


Janice said...

Oh Rosie, that sounds horrible. You should definitely write to Jordans, they will probably send you a voucher for some more cereal, which you may not want to eat anymore!!!

Brian got a £10 voucher from Morrisons after he found some glass in our muesli, fortunately he hadn't bitten down on it.

Karen said...

oooo nasty!!!! You take care of your mouth!!!! X

Jackie said...

Ooh, I can definitely sympathise on the 'toothache' front! I hope you get sorted tomorrow.
Whatever you do, don't send them the stone, send a piccie of it instead or they might not pay up ;)

sewsimple said...

Rosie complain I got £15 from Mrs Peeks just before Xmas as I had a pudding that tasted like Paint smells also I complained about the flight home from USA and BA are sending me £400 yes £400 worth of vouchers to spend in their online shop

Gez said...

Awe, Bless Rosie. I'm only catching up on your blog now. You poor thing babes. Hope your dentist has sorted something out for you. We need an update. :)

David from jordans said...

Hi Rosie, my name's David and I work for Jordans! I am so sorry to read about your experience. If you can send us the pack and the stone we will investigate straight away. Our customer care team are very nice and will explain exactly what to do. They can be reached on 0800 587 8901.


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