Friday, 12 March 2010

Tuesday I went to ...

Hospital!  The Rheumatology department to be precise.  I had to have an EMG test on my hands/wrists to confirm my GP's diagonsis that I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CPS).

I have to say that these test are actually quite funny when they stimulate the nerves that send signals to the muscles in your hands as you just can't help your fingers twitching and your hand jumping when the impulse goes through.  I actually think I giggled out loud at the funny sight of my hands being taken over by a few wires stuck to my arms and hands!

Anyway...  the diagnosis:  I have mild CPS in my left hand and moderate in my right. I knew the right was worse and often the dominant hand is affected worse (I'm right handed).  I now have to wait and see my GP in a couple of weeks after he's got the test results from the hospital for his decision to operate or not.  The hospital have said that at least the right one needs to be done.

Now, I'd dearly love to have the op and be out of pain, but my employer doesn't pay me for time off sick (I've only had 2 days off in over 3 years with them, and I really WAS ill).  I only get the statutory 20 days holiday and 7 of those are saved for Christmas.  Leaving me the grand total of 13 days.  Now, if I have the 2 weeks off work post-op, when would I have the chance to have a holiday with my hubby and kids?  No!  I can't work that one out either!  3 day summer holiday anyone?

We'll have to wait and see what the doc says and make our decision from there.


Janice said...

Sorry to hear about the CTS Rosie. Hope you get something sorted out soon. XXX

Kathy said...

O h Rosie, you poor sausage.
No amount of Radleys makes up for that sort of meanness about time off when you need it. I hope you can find a way through it all

Traceyr said...

Rosie what a dilemma hope that you can come up with a solution that suits you all. Love Tracey x x x

Karen said...

I am so sorry that you have this, it can be really painful & debilitating. Its a bit poo that they don't give you sick leave but what about least it would be something? HUGS XXX


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