Friday, 5 March 2010

Having some Bamboo fun!

Strange title eh?

Well the reason behind it is that I've bought myself a Wacom Bamboo Fun Graphics Tablet.  It's easier for me to hold the pen and use that as my 'mouse' than it is to use a mouse or fingertip mousepad on my laptop as it means I'm not resting the palm of my hand on the desk and making my Carpal Tunnell Syndrome worse than it already is (hospital appointment next Tuesday morning btw).

I am truly amazed at how fantastic it is.  Obviously I still have to type so have to rest my palm on the front of the laptop but I've been editing photographs and it's a total breeze with this little fella!

Weird thing though... Freya's Samsung netbook doesn't register the touch of my fingers on my right hand on her fingertip mousepad and neither does the Bamboo properly (my left hand is fine).  My Dell laptop is absolutely fine and tracks my fingertip movements perfectly.  Not sure why that is, if anyone can explain it to me I'd really love to know.  I'm not convinced that it's not  because my right hand is always so cold and dry (I get through LOADS of handcream - once being accused of having OCD as a result of how many times I apply it!)

Anyhoo.. I now need a bigger desk but I'm such a happy Bamboo-er with my shiny new toy to play with!

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