Thursday, 25 March 2010

Proud momma - part 3

I cannot believe what a week we're having.  We have no time to spare with school parent's evenings, meetings, Air Cadets, School talent competitions etc.

We had to go to Jacob's school on Tuesday evening to sort out his GSCE options and to see his tutors for an update on his progress.

Well... we came out of there with THE biggest smiles on our faces I can tell you!  He is predicted to get a Distinction in his ICT (Information and Computer Technology) by the end of this academic year (9) which will give him the equivalent of 4 GCSE passes (2 at grade A and 2 at A* - at the age of 14!!!!!).  In English he's on target for an A*.  The same in Maths, Science, Spanish..... I could go on but it would only get boring as the grades are all the same!

We are SOOOO proud of him.  He works hard and will be rewarded for all his efforts.

He's chosen to study triple "fast track" science (3 GCSEs which he will sit a year early.  The following year - 11 - will see him start his AS level in Science).  He's also chosen Spanish and Geography.  Coupled with his double English (Language and Literature) and his "fast track" Maths he will have his work cut out for him over the next two years but he's more than capable of reaching his full potential and achieving a place at one of the Russell Group of Universities if he chooses.

That saying, at the moment, he says he's not going to Uni after 6th form as he's determined to go into the RAF straight from 6th form.  I have a son who wants to fly high as an RAF pilot!  Fingers crossed that he achieves his dream career.

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