Sunday, 21 March 2010

Proud momma alert!

Gotta share this news with you (it's not craft related, but whatever! HAHA!)

My son, Jacob, has been chosen along with one other year 9 and two year 8 students to represent his school in the UK Mathematics Trust Team Maths Challenge for 2020/11.

It's a National Maths Challenge competition for 12-18 year olds.  Fingers crossed that now he's got through Round 1 held in his school to be chosen for Round 2 - the Regional Challenge that the team will get through this round in order to be invited to a place at Round 3 - The National Challenge at a later date.

Fingers crossed for the team.  I'll keep you posted!


Gez said...

FANTASTIC new Rosie. :-D
My DD enjoyed it. :)

GrammaR said...

How exciting for your son and you! Math was always my favorite subject and I'm always pleased when I hear about children who are as well.

Traceyr said...

Well done Jacob you clever lad.

Proud moment indeed Rosie. x


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