Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hands up all those who have ever been propositioned in a Cathedral...

Oh, I can see my hubby's hand go straight up in response to that question!

Will was in Peterborough Cathedral on Saturday with his new camera taking photographs (well, you do take piccies when you've got your camera with you, don't you?!)

He obviously looked like a professional with his tripod etc.

Anyhoo... this Eastern European guy came up to him and started talking about what pictures he liked taking.... buildings, things, people.....

Will must have given the answer that the guy wanted to hear (he liked taking all sorts of pictures) because the guy then says

"I have beautiful model girlfriend over there, she not in the country long.  You want to take pictures for her portfolio?" 

"Erm....." says Will.

The guy continues "She doesn't do nude, but she's very broad minded".

At which point Will says "No, it's ok thanks mate, I prefer taking pictures of buildings etc."

"I give you my phone number, when you change mind, you ring me" he replies.

"No, really I'm ok thanks" and at that reply Will has to turn his back to hide the huge smirk on his face because he really can't believe the conversation that he's just had.

Bless him, he could hardly tell me for laughing when he got home.  It's now a standing joke in this house!


Traceyr said...

hahaha! On poor Will! What a thing to happen when you're not around to capture it on YOUR camera!

Happy Easter. :)

Kathy said...

hehehe I bet he's got that phone number secreted somewhere, Rosie, despite saying he didn't want it....


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