Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Well, Canvas me happy!

I'm loving altering canvases at the moment. As leaving presents for Freya's teachers i made all three of them a 7"x5" canvas to decorate their classrooms. The idea for making them came from my own cupcake canvas that I made for ME!!!!

I really tried to make them all so different to each other. Hope they like them and can remember what a wonderful little girl that Freya is as well as being a delight to teach.

Our thanks go to Lucy, Jackie (teaching assistant) and Georgina for looking after Freya in her final year of infant school and preparing her for the step up to the juniors in September.

Teachers are the educators of our future. Without them we would have no doctors, scientists, academics, pioneers or indeed any other member of the community who perform so many of the unrecognised, thankless tasks. We are lucky in the UK to have such a fantastic team of teachers working with our children.


tracy said...

they've lovely rosie,i'm sure they will love them :) and your words are so true :)

Sue said...

What lovely original gifts Rosie.
Sue x

Karen said...

oooo Lucky girls!!! X


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