Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Wedding Anniversary

It's my 20th wedding anniversary today!! I can't believe where all those the years have gone if I'm honest! Is it really 20 years since I walked down the aisle to meet Will standing at the altar, probably as nervous as I was?

Yes, we've had our ups and downs; I mean, don't all married couples? But the art of marriage or relationships is that you work through them as best you can. Only another 30 years to go until we catch my parents up who celebrated their 50th anniversary at the end of March this year.

Will knows it, but I want you to all know it too - I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!!

Oh, and by they way, I'm going to the cinema with a friend tonight to watch Sex in the City while Will stays at home and babysits the kids HAHAHAHAHA!


Karen said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the handsome Will my lovely X

Sam said...

Happy Anniversary you two. enjoy your night at the flix (and Will enjoy your night in with the kids!!)


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