Wednesday, 2 July 2008


I cooked Will his favourite tea tonight for our wedding anniversary and then promptly went out with my friend to the cinema.

Can you believe that Sex in the City isn't on anymore? We were gutted!! So we joined the back of the queue, complete with my Orange mobile phone and code number to enjoy the freebie that is 2-4-1 on Wednesdays (pair of cheapskates!!! LOL) and went to see Hancock which stars Will Smith. Any film that that guy is in has to be good, doesn't it? Although Hancock isn't the best film I've ever seen, I really did enjoy it; it's funny, it's cringe-worthy, it's good over evil and it's a love story in parts. Both Louise and I gave it a thumbs up and agreed that our 12 year old boys would love it! (Just a note of caution to parents out there, there is the odd swearword that you may not want the kids to repeat in front of the grandparents - be warned!)

We weren't late back, but came back to find Will and the kids all tucked up in their beds and Will laying listening to his iPod - do you think he missed me? Nah! I don't think so either!

I had a lovely evening with a lovely friend so I was more than happy. Louise and I don't see each other anyway near as much as we should, especially considering we live so close to each other, but I loves that girl! (Otherwise known as MILF to Will!!!! LMFAO!!)


Janice said...

Hello Rosie, I've given you an award for an inspirational blog and an inspirational friend (well, it didn't say that on the award I just made that up hee hee) - you can collect it from my blog.

Traceyr said...

Good to know you had a good anniversary Rosie. Hope Will enjoyed his evening as much as you and Louise did! LOL

I love Will Smith too think he is tres gorgeous. ;)

traceyr x


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