Sunday, 20 July 2008

All the colours of the rainbow!

While we were at Springfields today, we had a walk through their magnificant looking gardens and came across this little brightly coloured maze. Well, you can't help but take some photos of Will and the kids when you have your camera handy with such fab colours on such a lovely, sunny day, can you?

Just noticed, the kids are both wearing their new sandals too! Kids eh? Can't even wait until they get home to wear their new shoes! LOL!!!


Stephanie Parsloe said...

My, thats one big kid on the left there!!! lol

Sam said...

lovely photos, as usual,Rosie.
and I can't believe how much those two have grown since we last saw them!!!

Karen said...

Ahhh bless 'em!!! Love the multi-colour maze...great for scrapping! X

tracy said...

what wonderful piccies,can't wait to see the lo:)


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