Monday, 28 July 2008

Save our School Children!

This photo was taken of me and my mum in around 1974 when I was 6 years old. Although you could see my school from the bottom of the small street that we lived in, the route to get there was a across a busy road which was being turned into a dual carriageway.

Mum led a safety campaign to have an underpass built during the widenening of the road. Part of this campaign involved this photograph appearing in our local evening paper. Mum won and we got the underpass that's still in used today.

The inspiration for making his page came from a Circle Journal that I'm doing for Karen over on Bubbly Funk. I've decided that for every CJ entry I do, I'm going to make myself a page using the same photograph(s) - however embarrassing they may be!!!!!

The papers are pretty funky, don't you think? They're from the SEI Hippie Chick range which I've cut out to make funky lace, doodled on and then glittered using Stickles. There is journalling on the tag tucked under the photo.


traceyr said...

Wow Rosie. Those pages and layout are great. :)

My turn next for the CJ I think.

traceyr x

tracy said...

wll done mummy :)

Karen said...

oooooo that LO looks fabulous....thanks Rosie XXX

Well done Rosie's Mum too X


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