Monday, 14 July 2008

Look who I met up with...

I had a lovely drive to Atherstone in Warwickshire on Saturday (nearly didn't get there, but that's another story!) I was going to meet this lovely lady.

Kirsty was doing a demo at Prima Crafts in Atherstone and as it is only an hour's drive from me, we had arranged for me to pop over so that we could finally meet up.

I only blogged this next photo because I promised I would mwahahaha!

Don't let the face of innocence ever tell you that she eats healthily - because she luvs da cake! (Fresh cream, lemon curd and light, luscious sponge, who could ask for more....? Well we both could have but we never got another slice!

This is one seriously talented and modest lady, I can tell you. Oh so funny and oh so very friendly too.

... and judging by this last photos as much of a posing tart as I am LOL!!!


Traceyr said...

You certainly looked like you had fun. Any cake left Rosie?

Love the cupcake in the top photo too. Where did the cherry come from?

Traceyr :)

Janice said...

Mwah! Very you darling!

Karen said...

You two look like you were having fun!!!! X


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