Friday, 1 August 2008

What a weekend!

I had so much planned for last weekend - crafting, sorting out clothes etc ready for our holiday, but none of it seemed to get done. The reason?

Jacob was away for the weekend with dad in Skegness, leaving mum home alone with Freya on Thursday and Friday and over the weekend.

I get this 'damsel in distress' text on Saturday afternoon while Freya and I were in town that mum had stood up and something had gone 'pop' in her knee and she was now in pain from her hip to her knee. I rang her straight up and said I was going down, but she insisted she was ok. I've known my mum for rather a lot of years and could tell she was in pain, so off we went to check up on her. We find her standing at the sink doing her dishes very clearly in a lot of pain. So, a call to our local emergency doctor later (much to her disgust at me!) we hobbled (in mum's case) to our local Minor Injuries Unit where we had to get a wheelchair for her to get her in. Turns out she has sprained her cruciate ligament which can be really nasty. Ouch!

The stubbon old bird insists that she can be on her own at home as dad would be back the following afternoon - yeah right! She's coming to our house and staying with us - no bloody question about that!!!! So Freya and I entertain her by playing on the Wii Fit (gawd, my muscles did ache!) andI sit and watch QVC with her. I really can't remember the last time that I watched it as I'm not a telly watcher at all.

Anyhoo... I hear her get up in the night and lay listening to make sure she doesn't lose her balance or become disorientated in a strange house in the dark and hear her get back into bed safely. Then I try once more to fall back into my slumber, until....

I feel a tap on my forehead, put my hand up and there's nothing! Then.... I feel a strange tickling sensation walking across my chest. Thinking it's only an itch, I put my hand up to scratch it, only to come into contact with something that rolls itself up into a ball the size of a pea!!! I hate creepy crawlies and promptly throw it across the bedroom.

I spend the next couple of hours imaging all kinds of creepy crawlies using my nakedness (it was hot, ok?!) as a public highway!!!!

I've come to the conclusion that my mother is an insomniac as she was up at 7.30 - ON A SUNDAY FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!! So I get up with her as the wonderful baby daughter that I am (heehee!) and make her a cup of tea, sit in the garden and keep her company. Ahhh..... bless me! LOL.

The other worry wort and insomniac of a parent - aka dad - rings about 8am to check on how she is, to be assured that I'm looking after her well and that she's ok.

Dad and Jacob arrive home about 1pm and the fussing starts. Mum can no longer get up to have a wee without dad worrying where she is going! Echos of 'where's your walking stick?' ring out all to frequently for mum's liking me thinks. He may just find out where said walking stick is if he hassles her too much! Hehe!

Dinner was duly cooked and thank goodness that my Yorkshire Pudding rose - as mum is somewhat of a damn good cook - I have a high standard to live up to.

Entertainment was again forthcoming from myself and Freya and a very pleased Jacob to find that we are now the proud owners of a Wii Fit - getting hold of one of these babies is like finding rocking horse poo - and that's hard to find!!!!!

Pleased to say that mum is on the road to recovery, it may be slow and painful, but, fingers crossed, she'll be fine, dandy and dancin' the hoola pretty soon, I'm sure.

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Karen said...

hahahahahahahaha nt at your poor Mum but at the way you told the tale!!!! Awe hope her knee recovers soon before she finds a new place for the walking stick!!! X


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