Monday, 28 July 2008

Did you get the odd spot of rain too?

WOW!!! Did the rain come down on Sunday afternoon!!!!

(For those of a nervous or delicate disposition, I urge you to look away now as this post has (top) half naked images of my son and my husband! LOL LOL)

We reminded Jacob that when he was little we used to put his feet out of the door and into the rain so that he could get his toes wet and totally squeal with delight. His answer?

"Can I go out in the rain now then and get wet?"

"Yes, of course you can! So he did!"

You can see just how heavy the rain came down. The ground is so hard at the moment that it just couldn't absorb the sheer quantity of what was coming down, the drains overflowed and the water ran like a river.

So, then skinny boy gets skinny man out in the rain too!! What a pair they look. Not an ounce of fat to share between them (sickening eh?!)

Who decides it's time to sit out on our lovely new patio and sunbathe (or should I say rust?)

Before they head off to play on Freya's trampoline. (Note here who had the most photos taken as he was on it for the longest!)


Traceyr said...

Didn't realise you had two sons Rosie. LOL What was Will playing at? I think the sun has got to his head.

Traceyr :)

tracy said...

great pictures rosie :)
i love it when it rains like that,just wish we had some!

Karen said...

hahahahahahahaha......two little boys!!!!! X


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