Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Well, Wha'dya get for Christmas?

Santa forgot to bring me stash - not a jot of it appeared in my stocking! I'll just have to use some of the money that I got to choose my own then, won't I?

We were so proud of the kids yesterday. They are both so level headed and don't expect anything. Freya was sooooo excited when Santa left a Nintendo DS in her stocking. She had only asked for that and some drawing paper for Christmas. Jacob had wanted a Nintendo Wii but as they are so hard to come by and we couldn't get one, he was willing to have some money towards it, save up the rest and buy one when he had enough and they were back in stock again. Imagine his face at 5pm last night when I asked him to go and fetch a 'surprise' present off my bed that I'd got for Will. When asked by Will to help him open it, it took a few seconds for the penny to drop and realise that the present was in fact a Wii and then to be told it was for him too! He cried, we cried, my parents cried! Not many kids out there would be so grateful, I can tell you. It really humbled us all to see the gratitude in his face. Not to mention when he said that he would give us some money towards the cost of it as he didn't expect us to pay for it all. I am so proud of my son and my daughter.

Christmas is all about children. We try not to spoil them and in doing so they have a real understanding and respect for what they have. They are not greedy children at all. Freya even bought me an additional present for Christmas out of her own money; Will had bought a present from each of them for me already, but when she saw this glass paperweight of a watering can sprinkling heart water droplets onto some flowers with the words 'Thank you for being my mum' she had to go and buy it with her daddy without me knowing. It wasn't cheap and it took all but £2.00 of the money in her purse, but she wanted me to have it.

What did Santa leave in your stocking?

I hope you had a truly magical Christmas and that you experienced some of the joy that we shared yesterday.

Merry Christmas xxxx

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Angelnorth said...

Awww, bless 'em both! What a sweet thing for Freya to do and it's great that Jacob appreciated the Wii so much - well done you for finding one, too!


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