Saturday, 8 December 2007

He's not going to thank me for this, but......

Freya was bought two coats for her birthday yesterday. Jacob (being the character that he is), decided to try them both on. He is really going to regret me having my camera out at the time, isn't he!?

The pink coat is from George at Asda and is aged 5-6!!! The brown is from H&M aged 6-7. We always knew our kids were slim, but this just goes to show just how skinny my two kids actually are!!! Oh, how jealous am I??!!!

Is it just me or does he do a fab Mika impression?

Sorry Jacob! Love you really. (But thanks for the laugh!)


Kathy said...

awwwww jacob, don't you look sweeeeet!
I think pink could well be YOUR colours!


Farmersgirl said...

Well I don't know about the pink one, but I used to go a bundle on guys in afghan coats! He will NEVER forgive you Rosie - oh and my doesn't Freya look even more like you with that frown on - ha ha ha


Angelnorth said...

Hee hee, I thought exactly the same as Janice on both counts! Freya does look SO like you with the frown on for some reason and the second picture of Jacob made me think "Give that man a guitar!" Looks like you were all having fun which is what birthdays should be about (whether it's your own or somebody else's!).

Kaz said...

You are a cruel mother Mrs, but very very funny. My fave is the brown number. Make sure you keep those photos for when he's got a girlfriend!

Karen said...

Yep......he is so going to regret not checking where the camera was!!!!! Definitely one for the future girlfriends!!!! X


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