Sunday, 16 December 2007

Christmas lights

This is a piccie of the front of my house with the Christmas lights up.

Funny thing is - Will never takes the top set of lights down insisting it's easier to leave them up and then have to spend ages up the ladder testing every single bulb 'in situ' (all 200 of them!) rather than re-hang them every year. I beg to differ, especially when it's me at the bottom of the ladder holding the bloody thing still in the freezing cold!

Sorry it's very orange - bloomin' street lights!!!! And Jacob is in the shower in the en-suite, hence the bathroom light on! Shouldn't complain really, after all - he IS a boy and he IS in the shower! I should be thankful for small mercies LOL LOL

And this is my tree. Tried to go for the single colour of gold this year, but a certain two little ones added a red santa and rudolph with his bright red nose amongst the branches!

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