Sunday, 4 November 2007

You make me smile...

I've actually been awarded this a couple of times, but have forgotten to blog it before. So while I actually remember to do it, I'm doing it now! IYSWIM!

So it's thanks to Janice for being so generous in her thoughts and for jogging my memory. Thanks also to those who have nominated me in the past. I'm glad that I can bring a little sunshine into the life of others xx

I would love to nominate three special people who never fail to make me smile just for being themselves.... Will, my wonderful husband, Jacob, my handsome son and Freya, my most beautiful daughter. I will love you all to the end of time. Thank you so much for being yourselves and the most important things in my life.

In my blogging world I would like to nominate my Bubbly Funk Friends Caroline, DiO and DiW as you three make me laugh so much that I have been know to run to the loo before I embarass myself. I love the three of you like only a friend can. xx

1 comment:

Caroline said...

Oh Rosie, thats lovely thank you so much.......


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