Thursday, 1 November 2007

I'm soooo looking forward to tomorrow!

I spoke to our insurance company again yesterday afternoon and had to email them a scan of the original receipt for my camera that we bought after Easter (to replace my 9 month old camera that the kids broke when they dropped it). They rang me back last night to confirm that they've received it, took my card details to pay the excess and told me that our claim had been approved and my new camera should be with me tomorrow!!!!

How come when you're used to having something around whenever you need it, regardless of whether you use it daily or not, as soon as you don't have it you NEED it! I am so used to having a camera with me every day, that I've missed it not being there. Bit like an addiction I suppose.

There are so many autumnal photo opportunities that I see while I'm driving round that I can't take that I seem to have photographic withdrawal symptoms at the moment.

Will has promised that we're all going out at the weekend with cameras in hand (except Jacob who is so not into photography, despite his dad's obvious talent) to take some golden autumnal shots. We haven't told Freya yet but she'll be excited too when she finds out.

And on the note of Freya and photography. Will has created an album in Photobox for her own photos and is getting them all printed up for her. I just need to sort out a physical album to put them in for her now. I can't believe that at 6 years of age she can take photos that many adults are not capable of taking.

Watch this space, I can't wait to blog some autumn photos.


Angelnorth said...

Oh that is good news, so pleased it's sorted Rosie. Hope the sun shines now so you can get some of those autumn shots you're looking forward to!

Kathy said...

oh you must be chuffed to know your new camera is going to be here soon.

Now you will look after this one, won't you m'dear?

Caroline said...

Have you got it yet Rosie. You've done some fab cards, love that angel stamp......


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