Saturday, 3 November 2007

My camera is here.......

Couriers pah! They supposedly left a card at work for me when they tried to delivery my new camera yesterday at 8.45am (invisible card as it was!). I managed to get hold of the courier at 5.45pm last night and arranged to collect it this morning, so off I went down the A14 to the depot to collect my replacement toy and it's now with me in my grubby little hands (well I say MY hands but Will is sitting on the sofa next to me playing with MY new toy! - but seeing as he is the house camera expert I best leave him alone to set it up for me properly.

I've managed to take a few photos with it already and am so pleased to have my own camera again. I nipped to Jessops earlier to buy the UV filter to protect the lens and a spare battery which is now charged up and in my new bag that Will got for me (my very own little Lowepro camera backpack - a mini version of his £££££ one!)

We're off out tomorrow morning once the beef is in the oven roasting slowly to take some photos, Will, me and Freya with our cameras and Jacob bored and moaning no doubt (he doesn't do photography as he says he doesn't have the patience).

Have you ever noticed that you really miss what you once had? I have seen so many photo opportunities lately but as I've not had a camera for 3 weeks I've not been able to take them. I normally take my camera pretty much everywhere I go. I will again now!

Right off to photograph my latest DCM now ready to blog. Catch ya later.

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