Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Bubblicious Babes at the NEC

I gave you a little taster the other day of a card that I made and couldn't share with you. Well, I met up with Beth in Birmingham when I want to the NEC so can now show you her birthday card.

It was lovely to meet up again with Caroline, DiO, DiW and Karen and to meet Beth and TraceyR for the first time. Poor Tony (DiO's DH) and Jeremy (Karen's DH) what they must have felt with the 7 of us, especially as it was Beth's 40th birthday the day before and we celebrated not too quietly. Karen arranged a cake. All I can say is OMG!!!!! It was in the shape of a pair of boxershort, complete with 'bulge'

Beth looked a tad shocked when it came out.

The instructions to Beth were to remove the boxers around the bulge are to reveal the contents...... poor bloke who modeled for the cake maker must have been cold, he'd gone blue! Wanna see what the fuss was about? Ok then, here goes...


Farmersgirl said...

Lovely pics Rosie. Nice to be able to see all the bubblies and sad that I was not there to join in the fun - boo hoo. The cake is amazing, glad everyone had such a good time.


Kaz said...

These photos are brilliant!! It's good to see you all together! Who had the bulge??

Samm said...

Hehehehe!!! that's sooo funny! great pics!


Caroline said...

Fab photos Rosie. Love the HS:MS pics too.....
Wonder if Beth ate the willy after all...... hehe


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