Thursday, 15 November 2007

Her Space:My Space - catch up!

Playing blogging catch up here....

Disturbed - 9th November

No peace for the wicked!! Can't even sit down with a mag and some choccy!

Almost - 12th November

Big cake, last piece, almost gone!

Snip - 13th November

Collect - 14th November

Charity bag.

Away - 16th November

There's my chair, where's my body?


Bobs said...

I'm loving all your catch-up shots.

The empty chair is fab! :)

Bambi said...

nice catchups!

Linda said...

Great photos! Love the empty chair for away!

Hazel said...

Great catch up - good idea for 'away'

Angelnorth said...

Very creative! Was that a gluten-free cake?!

Farmersgirl said...

Rolf at your chair - having an out of body experience Rosie? Lot of food involved in your photos - mmm yum!


Diana said...

Great catchup. Love your interpretation of away lol

Shannon said...

Your scissors and my scissors look like a before and after shot.

cass said...

great catch up, all the photos look great, the cake looks awesome Happy Birthday Jacob


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