Thursday, 22 November 2007

Beaudacious Babes - page 2

This is the other page I made last night to go with my original Beaudacious Babes page I made on Tuesday night. Glad I made myself do it straight away rather than put it off until tomorrow, because, as we are all very aware... tomorrow never comes!

This page includes my great-niece, Shannon as well as Jacob Freya.


Farmersgirl said...

Oh I do so love that bubble blowing picture, you try and get it published by a magazine it is just so good. So Great Aunt Rosie - ha ha ha, I take it this is one of those strange family generation slips and that you are not conning us with your youthful photo! My great aunt is still alive and is 86 at the beginning of December so she is a great-grand aunt to my boys.

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic photo of Freya with bubbles! And how earnest does little Shannon look - so cute! Great LO Rosie, it'll make a fab DLO with the earlier page.


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