Sunday, 10 January 2010

Weekend in Wigan

I've been such a bad, bad blogger over these past couple of months. These have been sitting in my 'To Upload' folder on my computer since mid December when Freya and I headed up north to Wigan to visit the lovely Kirsty, Mark and Ellie Wiseman.

We'd been trying to sort out this visit since she stayed with us in January (so, not long then!) We had a lovely 2 days, albeit rather chilly indeed!!!! We laughed, ate and the girls made a wonderful friendship that I hope will last. They are so similar; two quiet very caring girls.

We went out on Saturday afternoon so that we could get some fresh air to the Three Sisters Park just round the corner from Kirsty's house. The girls had a little play in the new park there while Kirsty and I snapped off a couple of shots. Of course hers were better than mine - but I like these two:

This one isn't in focus but I like her slutty pose HAHA! (She's gonna kill me for that comment for sure!)

This is such a lovely picture of Kirsty and Ellie together.

Our girls:

Told you it was cold.  We found the wetland area lake frozen over.  The girls (and the K-meister!) had such fun smashing the ice with sticks.  I did laugh when she nearly fell in trying to retrieve this bit though, a right slippery little bugger it was!!!!

Ellie was so kind to Freya, we went to the local balloon shop and Ellie chose a lovely reindeer balloon for Freya as a present.  It's rather deflated now, so I need to go and get him gassed up again!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo`s Rosie!!!
Looks like you had a fab time..
Hope your enjoying your weeend:)x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

pmsl - we had a good time, didnt we?
loves you


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