Sunday, 24 January 2010

No flying allowed - due to low cloud!

What a shame for Jacob.  He got up at 6.30am (after ignoring his alarm at least once).  Got dressed.  Gave his shoes a quick buff up.  Had his breakfast.  Did all his ablutions (as you do!).  Then he and Will set off for the Cadets venue for the coach to pick the Cadets by 7.30am up to take them to RAF Wyton near Huntingdon for a day's flying.

The phone rings at 9.30am with the following request:

"Mum, can you pick me up in about an hour as we can't fly today because of low cloud."

To say I was gutted for him was an understatement!  They had waited to get updated news from the Met. Office but the cloud cover was still at 500 feet; 800 feet and 1200 feet.  In order for Cadets to fly they must have clear visibility at 1500 feet.  So a march round the base to the Spar shop, a march back and an hour in the coach home again was his day out yesterday!

Hopefully (fingers crossed) they'll get another chance at the end of the month to try again.

Think Jacob was double gutted yesterday - no flying and NO LAY IN!!!!! Hahah!


Saskia said...

Hello Rosie,

Oooh... bad day for Jacob!! I hope he'll get another chance soon!!

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

sarah copeland said...

darn weather, poor kid, what a shame!


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