Wednesday, 2 September 2009


This would have been my nan's 100th year if she were still alive today. We'd have been having such a celebration in November to commemorate it. Instead there'll be some special flowers on her grave to mark what should have been her centenary.

I miss this lady so much you know! She only lived round the corner from my parents and could see down the street to watch us play from her back bedroom window. I always remember nan's bed being so high that when I was a little girl, I had to be lifted into her bed for a cuddle when I slept over.

The Easter and school summer holidays that we spent with her and our step-grandad Fred in their caravan near Skegness will always stay with me as special memories. We daren't be late in from playing at night incase the 6 o'clock / 7 o'clock / 8 o'clock horses (they got later as we got older) came galloping down the caravan site and carried us off! HAHA!!

The site was next to a farm where we used to go, jug in hand, to buy some milk, fresh from the vat. Yummy!

We used to walk down the long, straight road into Skegness and nan would always tell us whether it would be a good summer or not by how high the crows were nesting in the trees.

I remember getting the polish and duster out to polish Fred's bald head, bless him! Learning the 'gypsy stitch' in knitting and knitting a bright yellow scarf in the evenings as nan listened to the plays on the radio; the pull down wall bed that my sister and I slept in as children; the gas mantles that she lit every evening and the fire she made in hearth. *sigh!*

This photograph was taken on my wedding day in 1988 and is one of the very few photographs that I've got of my nan. I wish I had more!

The more astute will notice that nan's date of passing isn't on the LO as, to be honest, I'm not 100% sure if it was 1998/1999 that we lost her to be with her two husbands that had passed before and were waiting for her. I'm sure it was 1999, but mum will need to confirm it for me before I finally complete her page.

This LO invoked some very happy memories for me and some sad moments too when I remember just how much she meant to me and how much I miss her. God Bless nan! I'll love you always. xxx

Cardstock Bazzill.
Sentiments and photo frame cut on the Cricut using Home Decor cartridge.
Letter stickers: Making Memories.
Patterned paper: Bella! Sarah Jane.
Inkpad: ColorBox.
Flower: Bazzill.
Button: Stash.


Janice said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely memories Rosie. Happy Birthday to your Nan, I'm sure she is celebrating with her two husbands!

Stephanie Parsloe said...

Glad to see such good use for an Expression, what a wonderful memory!


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