Saturday, 5 September 2009

Dog bite ... part 2!

Will has a shiny new bike (mountain, not motor) so he went out for a blast for an hour or so this morning. While he took a route through a local country park, there was a couple walking their dog off the lead (we do this with Maisy there too, so it's not a problem as they're allowed off their leads in the park). Anyhoo... I digress.

Will cycled around this couple and their dog was a good few paces in front of them.

As Will passed their dog, it turned and bit his cycling boot and his ankle! It had a right mouthful of his sock and he had to kick out from his bike to make it let go to prevent it making him fall off! Good job he doesn't have toe grips on the pedals of this bike or his new bike would be sporting a scratch or two already.

When I asked him what he did or said to the owners, he said that he could hear them shouting at their dog and rather than stop and get shouted at by them too for kicking out at their dog he cycled away (very fast!!!!)

Hopefully things really don't come in threes or Jacob and I are hiding! HAHA!

1 comment:

rebekah22 said...

Wow! Perhaps there's a naughty dog chemical in the air at the mo. Hope the rest of you escape any further wrath of dogs :)


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