Friday, 4 September 2009

My poor little poppett!

Freya and I nipped into Lidl on our way home on Wednesday evening. As she walked past a dog that had been tied up outside by it's owner, it turned on her and bit her arm! She was shocked to say the least, I can tell you!

My concern was for her and (very unlike me, I might add) I even stayed pretty calm when the dog's owner came out to collect his nasty little mutt!!! The bloke was totally non-committal about it. When I told him it had bitten my daughter he just said "well, it's never done that before" and proceeded to unclip it's lead and walk away! Still not like me, I called after him, "Excuse me, but your dog has just bitten my daughter's arm!" His reaction? "sorry little one" and walked off!!!

I was as they say totally gobsmacked. Normally I would have been really angry and the guy would have known just how annoyed that I was, but looking at Freya's face which had totally drained of all colour and the shock that replaced her beautiful rosey cheeks, I let it go!

Luckily it didn't break the skin, but there were soft tissue lumps and a cracking bruise where it got hold of her.

I rang the Police to report it and to ask their advice when we got home about 5.30pm and was told to take some photographs of the bruising. They've been round tonight (two coppers in a riot van - the neighbours'll be talking!) to take our statement and are checking out the shop's CCTV to see if they recognise the guy.

There were at least two witnesses, but I was so incredulous that I never thought to take their details or ask the guy for his name and address (not that he'd probably have given it to me anyway) - silly me!

As the dog was tethered up, the only thing that they could do him for is assault on her, but we'd have to get him identified and press charges through the Courts. I really want him told that he can't leave his dog tied up and unattended. I'd truly hate the next bite that dog gave to be worse than it was with Freya.

We've really had to stress to her that although our dog, Maisy, is such a friendly little girl, that EVERY dog that she doesn't know needs to be given a wide berth, just in case!


Hayley said...

omg that's terrible. Poor Freya! I can't believe that that bloke just walked off and said 'sorry little one' - if my dog ever did that (not that I think she would though, she's too soppy!) I would feel SO bad and I would make sure that everything was ok and everything. Hope Freya isn't too shaken up xx

debby4000 said...

Oh your poor little girl what a shock, hope she feels a bit better today.

Janice said...

Oh Rosie, poor Freya! I do feel for her as I have experienced this myself. My neighbours dog bit me on the thigh for no reason at all and as I was wearing shorts at the time it did mark my leg. It must have been about 8 years ago and I still have two marks where the teeth went in. Fortunately my tetanus was up-to-date but it was the shock that got me.

It's not a bad thing if Freya is a little bit cautious of strange dogs, they can be unpredictable when you don't know them. Big hugs for both of you. XXX

Deanne said...

oh bless her, hope she's okay now. some people are a joke with their animals!

rebekah22 said...

Oh poor Freya, and you. Hope the police manage to track him down somehow x

Jo Austin said...

So sorry for Freya.. I have the same with Martina. Because our three are so lovable, she goes to cuddle every dog she sees - although she's 13, she can't comprehend that all dogs are different.

Hope the marks have gone and the lovely Freya has her lovely rosie cheeks back now. xx

Hugs. x


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