Monday, 29 September 2008

What gives the bully the right....

To tell my son on a daily basis to:

* go and kill yourself
* go and jump off a cliff
* here's some rope, go and do us all a favour
* to push him into walls
* to trip him up
* to push him into other people

Just what is the mentality of a bully? Where do they get off ruining someone elses' life? To make them miserable and self conscious.

I cried today - LOADS!!!

Jacob has suffered at the hands of this littl sh*t since last acadamic year, but has kept it to himself, only telling us about it on Saturday. We had wondered why he stopped gelling his hair for school and had become quiet. Not that he was ever loud. He had insisted that it was nothing and we accepted his word, putting it down to his emerging hormones.

Jacob's tutor is now aware of the situation and is taking it to the Vice Principal who is also head of student care. This WILL be sorted. Jacob is not this kid's first 'victim' but if we get our way, he will be his LAST victim.

No-one has the right in life to do that to another person, albeit by words or by actions.

I went to school with a brother and sister. One younger, one older. The boy committed suicide due to bullying and the fact that he couldn't take it any more. He wasn't the one in the wrong, it was the bullies. But they still have their lives and their parents still have their child. Sadly there is a family out there that never saw their son grown up to be a man.

We need to do everything we have in our powers to stamp bullying out - NOW!!!!!!

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Sam said...

Rosie, hun - you're really going thru it at the mo - hope this gets stopped NOW!! love to you all (I'd say hugs to Jacob, but knowing he's nearly a 'man' they probs won't be accepted!)


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