Thursday, 11 September 2008

Having a bit of a rough time!

Not around much online anywhere at the mo. I'm going through the mill a little healthwise and as a result, after a full day at work in front of a computer, then cooking tea and sorting the house/laundry out the last place I want to be in the evenings is back on the computer. It only keeps me awake for far too long into the night and stops me sleeping, and at the mo I'm very tired and need my sleep.

I'm normally in my bed by 10pm latest recently, which is not like me at all.

Anyway, my doc and the hospital are currently looking into it and I'm currently waiting for hospital results to come through. I'm in their safe hands.....

I'll get round to posting some more of the holiday photos soon, I promise.

For now my spare time is spent crafting and not computing as that doesn't tax my single brain cell and start it buzzing and not wanting to go to sleep!



Traceyr said...

AAAAh Rosie you take care of yourself you hear and don't stress out about coming on and blogging. I'm sure you will feel better soon. Then you can upload all the photos and layouts you have done while you were recuperating.

Lots of love Traceyr :)

Karen said...

You take care my darling. You know I am here for you XXXXXXXXX

Sam said...

you take care Rosie hun - you know where we are if you need to 'bend any ears'
loads a luv

Deanne said...

keep forgetting to read your new blog honey
hugs re health issues :) x

tracy said...

rosie,i had no idea you weren't well,big hugs for you :)
missing you on bf xxx


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