Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Bullying... part 2

Well, the school are definitely on the ball as far as bullying goes. I brought it to the attention of Jacob's tutor yesterday afternoon when she rang me. I then get an email this morning from Jacob to say that she has spoken to him.

At lunchtime I get a phone call from the Vice Principal following my email to school earlier. Jacob had a meeting with the VP/Head of Student Care, as did a witness to the bullying. The bully and two of his little 'friends' also got to see the VP.

It was stressed to me that the school look upon bullying as totally not acceptable (and rightly so, too!) The parents of the bully will be called into a meeting before Friday and the consequences of further incidents will be put forward (basically, he will be 'out')

Jacob came home so much happier from school, like the huge weight that he's been carrying on his young shoulders has been lifted. Only time will really tell whether the bully will change his ways... do leopards ever really change their spots...???

Fingers crossed for my confident, happy son to come back very soon.

1 comment:

Sam said...

glad to see the school are sorting this out - as they should. hope Jacob is back to normal soon.xxx


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