Sunday, 28 September 2008

My poorly baby...

Freya's not well!

She seemed bright and perky all day yesterday. She had her tea and then at 8.45pm said she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Not like her on her 'late night Saturday' at all. Off she goes, has mommy cuddles and says goodnight.


OMG!!!! Seems her poor little tummy didn't want to keep her dinner inside, so out it came all in her bed, over the floor, in her rug EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Must have taken the poor little mite by surprise as shee didn't even get the chance to get herself out of bed or into the bathroom.

After what seemed a MAJOR clean up operation (note to self.... buy new single quilt!) we get her reluctantly back into bed but she doesn't want to go back to sleep in case she's sick in her bed again, bless her.

1:09am it starts all over again, only this time, I'm the only one to wake up and have to deal with the mess - lovely (I DON'T DO SICK BTW!!!)

She finally goes back to sleep and has a peaceful night. Late morning this morning until 10.30am when she informs me she wants her breakfast as she's hungry! So we say, if she wants it let her eat - doctor's advice from her baby days when she was VERY sicky, VERY often!

We get all the way through today without further problems, although she didn't want to go out to play with her friends, so we must have realised she wasn't 100%

Then this evening... Oh joy! Here we go again!! Bless her, she ran through the house like a rocket to get upstairs so that she could be sick into the bath as it's easier to wash away without making a mess. She's currently fast asleep upstairs but I'm the one reluctant to go to bed to sleep as I'm worried my baby will be sick and I won't hear her when she needs me. Hence why I'm a very tired momma on her laptop!

Send her some extra healing hugs as I think she needs them at the mo. No school for her tomorrow in case it's a tummy bug. Not fair to pass it on to the other children. She's not happy about that as in her 3 years at infant school, she only missed one day of school and had the best attendance for her year.


Traceyr said...

Aaah poor Freya. Hope she is feeling much better in the morning and that she has a good night's sleep.

You could probably do with one too Rosie. {{{ hugs }}} coming to you both. x
Traceyr :)

Sam said...

loads of love to you both, hun. Hope Freya is feeling better and you're less tired.


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