Wednesday, 24 October 2007

New look me!

Yesterday I had the notion that my hair was a mess and that I needed a change, so I rang my hairdressers and got an appointment with one of the girls at 9.30 this morning. Off I popped to meet 'the new me' An hour and £30 later I emerged with a new haircut. It's loads shorter than it was and I have a light fringe again for the first time in years. I hadn't told Will I was going; the first he knew about it was when I text him a photo through. His reaction....?! Not printable! LOL He loves it though. Jacob thinks I look like a secretary that talks on the phone all day and Freya thinks I look like an accountant. They both think I look younger which is fine by me!

I had put a semi permanent colour on it two weeks ago as I was tired and bored of the hightlights and wanted a darker, autumn/winter colour. This is more like my own natural colour now (apart from the grey bits, they're not natural but placed strategically to make me look mature and sensible!)

So... this is me now!


Beth said...

I love it Rosie, you look really lovely, it suits you. Makes a nice change though doesn't it, having a different style. Well done to you. XX

Angelnorth said...

You look fab, girlie! The warmer tone really suits you - it's gorgeous :o)

TraceyR said...

Look at the new you. Great haircut Rosie!

Kaz said...

It looks great Rosie!


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