Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sticky fingers....!

The wedding yesterday was fabulous! My sister looked gorgeous and her husband very smart indeed in his uniform. My daughter was the perfect bridesmaid too. I'll blog some photos in a while for you all to see.

Bad news yesterday though - someone 'borrowed' my camera from the public bar area! There was a section open to the public where we all congregated prior to going to the registry room for the service. It was from there that someone decided to help themselves to my camera. I am absolutely gutted to say the least. There were some very special photographs on that camera, not to mention the cost of the camera itself. I really cannot believe that someone who would frequent that hotel would sink so low as to steal. It's not a cheap hotel, indeed it has a wonderfully expensive reputation!

We checked with reception before we left and again later last night and again this morning after the cleaners had done the bar area. Needless to say honesty has not been the best policy in the thief's eyes! What makes it worse is that the kids broke my camera at Easter which was only 9 months old, we replaced this one ourselves, without going through the insurance company. We can't afford to do that again so I now have to make a claim which will no doubt affect my premiums - and all because someone has 'sticky fingers' which they can't keep to themselves! I am soooo angry and upset right now.

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