Tuesday, 16 October 2007

What a palarva!

I rang to ask for a claim form for my camera from our insurance company today - they don't send them out but take the info over the phone instead, hence when they asked me some of the questions I felt rather dense as I didn't have the answers to hand as I wasn't expecting them to be asked.

I rang the hotel again - no joy - the thief has NO sense of morals or conscience it seems. Wedding photos and photos of my children have no significance in their life and it certainly hasn't pricked their better nature to return my camera to the hotel. Ooh, I could swear!!!!!!

Next phone call was to the local Police for a crime reference number, before ringing the insurance company back with that info.

I really feel quite stupid as I don't know exactly when or from where it was taken. I do know for sure that it was somewhere between 11am when we arrived and 6pm when we left; apart from that I can't say precisely. Will thought I had my camera, I though he had it so neither of us asked about it until we were going home and Will wanted to put it away properly in one of his camera bags.

I have to say I feel quite lost without my camera. Just knowing it's there to capture moments of the children's lives that I want to treasure is a comfort. I have things made that I want to photograph and things to do that need photographing. I'm reluctant to use Will's camera as it's rather expensive and knowing my recent track record with cameras probably not a good idea!

My camera track record since July 2006....

Will bought a new digital camera for me in July 2006 as my old one's navigation button didn't work any more, but I had had that since Freya was born in 2000. The kids argued over it after Freya took a photograph of DH and me and they dropped that at Easter this year and broke the zoom lens. Replaced that with another new camera in April. Had that camera stolen on Saturday - that only managed to stay in my possession for 6 months!!!!!

Now you know why I daren't use Will's expensive digi camera... Sometimes I really do wonder if I'm safe to be let out you know! I'll keep you updated when I know exactly what's happening. Not 100% of the procedure of making an insurance claim as I've never done one before. Fingers crossed that they replace it for me.

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