Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Liquorice has wheat in it!??

I really must learn to read the ingredients on everything more carefully.

I love red liquorice and never for one minute thought it would contain wheat flour. We had a bag in Will's car so we scoffed some of it during the drive to Anita & Steve's wedding on Saturday. I wasn't feeling 100% later on in the day and knew it couldn't be the food at the hotel as they had made sure that everything was wheat / gluten free for me. We had to leave about 6pm as I wasn't feeling too good. How I managed to drive home for those (very long it seemed) 30 minutes, I'm not quite sure. Just glad that I can remember my breathing exercises from being in labour with the kids so that I could breathe through the pain. Will had had a couple of pints and some wine so there was no way he could take over from me, I just had to literally grin and bear it.

Needless to say I was quite ill that night and had to crawl into bed early as a result. Sunday wasn't much better but was bearable.

I had placed an order with Lakeland which was left with a neighbour on Saturday morning. In here were 3 bags of flavoured liquorice - apple, mango and blackcurrant. Yum! The mango bag was opened on Sunday and we each had a couple of bits from it. Only then did I actually decide to read the ingredients list and, low and behold, there was the culprit - wheat flour - clearly labelled as being an ingredient! I checked the other bag still half full and in Will's car, yep, that manufacturer uses it too! So I guess that's something else that I can't eat now.

Feeling loads better today - headache is clearing and not as exhausted or as upset as I was over the weekend.

To cheer me up I spent time baking tonight - two cakes; a victoria sandwich filled with strawberry jam and buttercream for Will, Jacob and Freya and a wheatfree chocolate cake with buttercream for me! A piece of my cake will be eaten in celebration of my sister's wedding as her cake was chocolate but definately not for me to eat. Ordinarily I would blog the photographs of the cakes - but some thieving bugger has stolen my camera!

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Karen said...

I am really surprised about the liquorice Rosie. Goes to show that we should read labels on everything these days!


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