Friday, 12 October 2007

Here comes the bride....

Can't believe my sister's wedding day is here so soon EEK! Weddings must be like buses ...... none for ages then two within a week of each other ;-) LOL

Had a dummy run tonight with Freya's hair - sprayed it with setting lotion, spiralled it then hair-sprayed to within an inch of it's life, before pinning up the front and putting her tiara in. WOW did she look sooo beautiful (had a tear in my eye!) Then I thought, ahhh what the heck! Let's go for the whole look and get Will to shed a tear or two too.

Off went her pj's exposing some right jazzy knickers that certainly could NOT be worn under her dress tomorrow. On went the dress, the new shoes (that only arrived today - how lucky is that?) and the necklace.

Biased as I know I am, she really is the most beautiful daughter a mother could ever wish to have.

While we were in dressing up mode, Jacob was sent to change from his pj's too and to put on his shirt, trousers and tie. It made me realise that my son is now a young man and a very fine looking one at that too! He's going to be tall and slim like his dad. Not an ounce of fat on him (or on Freya or Will for that fact! How come I seem to have fat enough for us all...?)

Anita and Steve are getting married at the George Hotel of Stamford. It's beautiful old coaching inn about 20 minutes drive from here. If you ever get the chance to visit Stamford, you should go it's a beautiful little town. Burghley House is only 'a stone's throw' away and well worth a visit.

I'll post some wedding piccies after tomorrow's big day.

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Kaz said...

I can't wait to see the photo's Rosie. I hope everyone had a fabby day today.


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