Monday, 29 January 2007

Got a new job!

Started my new job today.

Left the Accountants on Friday - why do I get so bloody emotional at times? It's only a bloody job for goodness sake!!!!

Small, family company. Great first day - off to the pub with the owner's wife for lunch then back in the office for 10 minutes before buggering off for the next hour and a half to take Clio on her final journey - with my new boss following behind in case the heap of Renault crap died on her arse mid journey AGAIN! At least with him behind me, if she did die and I had to put the hazard lights on quickly he would know why and would hold the traffic back behind me to prevent any stupid people driving into the back of my car!

Guess what? Yup drove all the way there without a hitch - bloody typical eh?

Got back into the office at 4.10pm - finished at 5pm!!!

Every day won't be the same - would get pretty bored pretty quickly if it was though! LOVE a challenge and to be busy.

Got to get my wellies, high visibility coat etc. sorted - how sexy!!!!!! Can you imagine me in a short skirt and wellies? ERRRR I don't think so - am very girly - like my skirts and high heels. What a sight I'm gonna look.

Coupled with that I'm only 5ft 1 and a bit inches and will have his company Mitsubishi L200 truck when they're on holiday - what a bloody laugh that's gonna be, me climbing into that monster truck!!!! Anyone got a step ladder they can lend me?

1 comment:

Di said...

And we still want to see photos in your new gear..........don't forget now!!!!!!!!LOL


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